Teen Wolf 6x11 'Said the Spider to the Fly' - Review

Teen Wolf 6x11 'Said the Spider to the Fly' - Review


And finally (after what felt like the longest hiatus in history, 'Summer' never felt so vague!) we begin our journey to the end of Teen Wolf with the final ten episodes.

I'm not going to pretend that this was the most riveting episode, or even premiere, in Teen Wolf's history, but it seems to be setting up the story for the season in a good way. I did expect to be more grossed out by the bugs than actually ended up happening though. I've always had the biggest phobia of spiders and while the bugs crawling out of the dead wolves and the rats tangled up and covered in blood was certainly gross, it didn't cause anything more than a wince from me. In the first half of the season, the part where the skin was coming off of the Nazi Werewolf after he escaped from the Dread Doctors container actually made me feel physically ill. I expected a reaction like that considering how hyped up this season has been in terms of the gruesome factor, but I'm prepared for it to get worse considering we haven't met whatever escaped during The Wild Hunt yet.

I loved seeing Scott, Lydia and Malia preparing to leave because we all knew that wasn't going to happen, but I've seen so many people confused about the timeline because the writers don't clarify things for the audience. Teen Wolf has become renowned amongst fans for its confusing timeline because the writers just do whatever fits their desired plot instead of what makes the most sense logistically. If you've read interviews, you'll know a few months have passed since the end of senior year and the older characters are about to go off to college, however, timeline-wise 2.0 should be going into their junior year, not their senior year, so many people thought there was a time jump of over a year. This is something that should be made clearer to the audience if it's making them so confused.

I'll be completely honest, I'm ecstatic that Hayden's gone (although I was wishing all through hiatus that she was actually going to be the first casualty of a season that is billed to include a lot of deaths). No offense to the actress at all, I actually quite liked Hayden as a character during season 5, but in the first part of season 6 she spent the majority of time either making out with Liam every episode or pretending she knew better than the rest of the pack, including her alpha (although honestly, who could tell that Scott was supposed to be her alpha? NOT ME!). If the first episode of 6b is any indication of how the season is going to go, her absence is already making 2.0 more enjoyable for me. Corey was tolerable, and Mason and Liam's relationship was great in this episode and very reminiscent of Scott and Stiles. 

Speaking of Stiles, I really liked the hints we got of him. The 'Be gentle' note was sweet and it felt like he was still with the core group while they drove around in the jeep because it's such an extension of his character. I loved seeing Lydia terrified of telling Stiles that something's starting up again in Beacon Hills because she doesn't want him to come back in case she loses him again. It's a great way of keeping him out of the main story but also true to the nature of the characters. And I will admit, I got very emotional seeing Stiles entering the FBI building while his voicemail was playing, it makes me so proud to see him having made it out of Beacon Hills and doing something that he loves. I can't wait to see where his (minimal) story will go this season, especially now Derek's been thrown into the mix with a mass murder investigation.

I do think this episode could have tried a little harder with its humor, just because the humor-level of the show quickly drops as things get more grave and the stakes get higher, so the first episode needs a good dose of humor to bring the audience back to what we fell in love with about the show. Malia's story regarding wanting to go to France could've been a tad more comedic. In my opinion, that was what was missing from making this a truly enjoyable episode, and one I'll relish in re-watching in the future. 

One of my favorite scenes in the episode was the one with Scott and Melissa, it was caring and funny and just really lovely to see. It came to my attention during the break that they really didn't share any scenes together in the first half of the season and considering how important their familial bond is, that was upsetting. I'm glad to see more focus on it (and Scott in general) in the run up to the end of the show. He is our main character after all (even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes!).

When it comes to new characters that were introduced, I'm reserving judgment on them for the most part right now because we don't know too much about them. From the trailers, it certainly seems like Nolan is going to get super creepy, but they've started him out slow. All we really know is that he's aware of the supernatural in Beacon Hills. I find the guidance counselor interesting as a character, but I can't say I like her (because I don't think we're supposed to). She clearly knows about the supernatural and is out for blood, but we don't know specifically what her motivation is, just that the bullet she used was an Argent one and that might mean that she has ties to Gerard. I actually really liked the new hellhound, I felt like he commanded attention even though he had hardly any dialogue, and honestly, he's more exciting as a hellhound than Parrish has ever been to me. I don't think it's the last we've seen of him because it definitely isn't supposed to be that easy to kill off a hellhound.

I love this show so much, and I hope they deliver some really good content in the final episodes and go out with a bang. I'm going to miss it when it's over, and I want to look back on this final season fondly rather than being disappointed or glad that it's over.