Teen Wolf 6x13 'After Images' - Review

Teen Wolf 6x13 'After Images' - Review


I have to say right off the bat, that Tyler Posey did an INCREDIBLE job directing this episode. It was shot in a way that really built suspense and focused on the fear and horror aspects of the story. The way we saw the bloody body off to the side during Mason's speech at Liam's, the way the camera narrowed in on Nolan while he was talking about DNA changing to Mason and Corey, the way you could feel the how under threat Brett was throughout the episode. I think his best work was in the morgue during the scenes with Melissa and Argent, it really created so much tension you couldn't help but feel the fear they were experiencing. I want to see him direct so much more in future projects because he's got a real talent for it.

I preferred the story in this episode more so than the one previously (if you read my review of 'Raw Talent', you'll know I absolutely despised it, but we'll move on!). Although I admit I was heartbroken at the end when Brett was killed. I've always really liked Brett's character and he didn't deserve what happened to him in any way. He was only in the vicinity of our characters in order to help Liam with his control and lacrosse, and he was never a threat to anyone. But I do think there is too much time being spent on Monroe storywise. I'm pretty sure she's had more screen time than our actual lead female, Lydia, in the past two episodes. I have to praise the fact that Lydia actually felt more in character in After Images than she did in Raw Talent for me. But there's still not enough going on with her story for me.

I will admit that I liked the development with Scott and Malia in this episode, the part where she took his pain was sweet. But the mention of Stiles irked me in a way. There was never any conversation between Malia and Lydia regarding the transition from Stiles & Malia to Stiles & Lydia, so I don't know why they felt the need to bring Stiles up in relation to Scott & Malia. If anything the character that should be brought up is Kira, because Scott's relationship with her was left very open-ended when she left to be with the Skin Walkers. We know by this point that Kira won't be returning in season 6, but if you're going to bring up anyone in relation to the shifting relationship between Scott and Malia, it's not really Stiles that needs to be addressed. He's with Lydia now. He's not really going to care too much.

I praise Liam for trying to do more, but outing himself to Beacon Hills at the end just makes me shake my head. He's been about as useful as Parrish has this season and it annoys me when a character repeatedly makes mistakes and doesn't seem to make any progress. I hate it when the story goes around and around in circles, and I hope at least the seriousness of Brett and Lori's deaths will urge Liam to take more responsibility and grow up a little for the rest of the season. 

I hope the pace of the story ramps up a little more in the coming episodes because it's been pretty slow moving so far. I want drama and action in the final season, particularly if you're not giving me enough character development.