Teen Wolf 6x05 'Radio Silence' - Discussion

Teen Wolf 6x05 'Radio Silence' - Discussion


I have to say, this is potentially one of my favourite episodes of Teen Wolf ever. This episode felt as good to watch as the 'Golden Age' of the show, aka Season 3, and at this point I truly never thought the show would get back to that feeling. There were a number of contributing factors that made this episode really enjoyable, and why I loved it so much.

This episode moved the plot along properly for the first time since the premiere. It felt like there was a lot of faffing around and dead space in episodes 3 and 4, some things were being unnecessarily dragged out and the episodes just felt quite slow. The episode was constantly moving because Stiles and Peter were pushing one another to figure things out and trying to get out of the train station. Peter's presence was so important because it gave Stiles a reason to move at a much faster pace than he would if he were alone. Not to mention those two characters interacting so much makes the audience reminisce about the early seasons and their tumultuous relationship. Having an episode with so much Stiles in an otherwise mostly Stiles-less season is exactly what the audience needed and the story needed to get driven forward again.

It should be no surprise if you've read any of my previous discussion posts that I was ecstatic to see that there was no 2.0 cast at all in this episode. I know the show requires them, but the writers should be aware that the majority of audience really just isn't all that interested in them as characters. I love Mason, and I don't dislike Liam, Hayden was much more interesting when she was originally introduced and Corey has always been irritating, but every time they're on screen and take up about half the episode, they suck all of the energy out of the show. This episode having not a single ounce of them, not even mentioned, almost felt like we were being spoiled for how good the show is without them. Of course I get that it's impossible for every episode to be like this one, but it just makes me wish it wasn't.

It was amazing to see Scott believing in Lydia and her intuition in this episode, especially after him and Malia effectively 'giving up' at the end of the previous one. When I knew that Stiles would be absent for most of the season, what I truly wanted was more time spent on Lydia and Scott's friendship. It took 5 episodes to get there, but finally it came through! I just hope there's more where that came from in the rest of the season. They've been one of the most fascinating relationships on the show for me since season 1, and I don't often admit it, but if Stiles didn't exist as a character on this show, I would totally ship them together. #Scydia

The scene at the end of the episode was incredible, and not just because MTV didn't really spoil any of it for us. I'd read theories to do with the radio, especially because you could see one in one of the promotional videos, but I never dared to dream that Stiles would actually be able to contact them and vice versa! And the fact that we had a call back to 'Remember I love you.' and that Lydia actually remembers him saying that to her? Wow, I was a mess. And I am (im)patiently waiting for them to reunite and for Lydia to be able to return the sentiment.

I'm not entirely sure if they have their memories of Stiles back properly yet, I assume that will be answered soon enough though. But considering we've seen a trend of flashbacks playing an important part in people remembering, I'm wondering if they just have partial memories right now and that their full memories are still to come.

I'm not crazy about this 'redemption arc' we're giving to Peter. Ultimately, Peter was the original villain of this show, and there is no character that is more selfish. I don't believe he'd a character that should make it out of this final season alive. I don't want it to be at the hands of Scott, because I always want him to maintain his True Alpha status. But I don't believe Peter is a character that can be redeemed after all that he's done. Is it interesting to see him try for Malia? Yes. But I don't believe he can ever be a good influence on her life.