Teen Wolf 6x08 'Blitzkrieg' - Discussion

Teen Wolf 6x08 'Blitzkrieg' - Discussion


I'll be honest, I did enjoy this episode more than I originally thought I was going to based on what I knew about it beforehand. I thought there were going to be way more flashbacks about Mr Douglas than there were, but the one they did have were boring and I was eagerly anticipating them ending. I still don't understand the choice to make him a Nazi Werewolf, there is no reason for him to be a Nazi Werewolf when apparently all he wants is to create a powerful army, he could've been any kind of power-hungry evil villain, without insulting and offending the audience by relating him back to a traumatising event in history with no real context as to why.

I enjoyed how quickly the stakes rose in this episode, from Corey being taken at the end of 'Heartless' to Mason, Hayden, Chris, Melissa and Peter all being taken in this episode. It felt like something was finally happening in the story and pushing us along to the climax of the first half of the season. However, I am annoyed that Parrish continues to be completely unhelpful in this narrative. No matter how much I am bored by his character, he's just been completely worthless this season, hindering the pack from trying to solve the problems of Mr Dougles and the Ghost Riders, and that just continued in this episode when he let Mr Douglas go through the rift.

I enjoyed Malia, Scott and Lydia problem-solving together, but it didn't feel like they accomplished much, I'm waiting to see them make a big impact in this storyline and the quest to bring everybody back because they're the characters I care about the most and I feel like they're being under-utilised compared to the 2.0 pack, who suck up too much screen time still.

The highlight of this episode was definitely Sheriff Stilinski's scenes. I almost cried at the start of the episode when he was making Stiles's room come back with the red string, it just felt so amazing to see all of the pieces of him come back even if we haven't got him physically back yet. I'm also really glad the Claudia story was finally resolved and resolved in a satisfying way. I'm glad Claudia wasn't evil and didn't sully the memory of Stiles's mother and the Sheriff's wife that we've vaguely learned of throughout the show, because I think the audience would've had a bad memory of her had she been evil. I cried a lot during the Sheriff's speech remembering Claudia's last good day in the hospital with him and Stiles as she faded away from reality. Linden did an incredible job in that scene and really stole the episode, it was amazing acting and made me feel so much. He needs his son back right now!

I didn't think I'd be that crazy about learning Stiles's real first name, I was happy that we'd get to know it but I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do. I think it's the perfect choice, but then I'm really partial to interesting names. Mieczyslaw was a great choice for his name because it is hard to spell, and not that easy to pronounce, so it totally makes sense as to why Stiles wanted to go by 'Stiles' instead. Here's to the next episode and the flashbacks of finally remembering Stiles!