Teen Wolf 6x07 'Heartless' - Discussion

Teen Wolf 6x07 'Heartless' - Discussion


Honestly, starting this episode with a 5 minute sequence of Theo's hell is not my idea of a good cold open. Theo is an interesting character, but watching him get his heart ripped out by his sister doesn't make me feel sorry for him, it just makes me think he deserves it. I actually felt more sorry for Theo when he was cornered and forced to break the mountain ash by the Mr Douglas than I did in the opening sequence, so I don't think it's Cody's acting that was lacking, I think it was the way they wrote it. It really didn't need so much time dedicated to it.

It really did feel like there was too much 2.0 pack in this episode. It didn't feel like Hayden or Liam really accomplished anything, and yet we had to watch them make out while they dragged Theo around the woods? I'm not claiming to speak for all the fans, but I'm sure the majority either couldn't care less about their relationship or would just like them to stop making out every episode. Just because they're the only relationship you physically have together on screen right now (other than Mason/Corey), doesn't mean we have to see it all the time. You've already dedicated yourselves to Stiles and Lydia this season, that's filling your relationship quota in a much more fulfilling way! Mason was as always there to provide the pack with important information, so he was rightfully back in his place as the best of the 2.0 pack, I even thought his comment about always being able to find Corey was adorable even though I don't really care for Corey.

Also, I wonder when Mr Douglas just stopped pretending? From one episode to the next he completely changed his ways. I don't know if he just assumed Theo would out him to the pack or not, but last episode he was 'helping' Liam and Hayden and in this episode he was full on German-accent, alpha-ing out and killing a Ghost Rider and stealing his powers? Talk about 0 to 100 in a second! I can't fathom why he said he'd been waiting to do 'this' for a long time at the end? Was it just becoming a Ghost Rider or specifically about making Corey vanish? I'm sure we'll find out soon.

I also have to point out Malia's sudden 'I remember Stiles'? When did that happen? 6x05 ended with Lydia and Scott talking directly to Stiles over the radio, so their remembering him makes sense. Why does Malia remember him? That was not explained at all. She knows she's loyal to him, she knows he was her anchor, but how? Do any of them truly remember Stiles or just who he is to them and how they feel about him? This feels like really bad writing because the audience don't know at all specifically what is going on with the 'Remembering Stiles' concept. We need a flashback sequence like we got with Peter to confirm that.

The highlight of this episode for me were Lydia's scenes, both with Natalie and the Sheriff. It's so great to see Natalie continuing to support Lydia and her abilities and theories this season. Considering Stiles's absence in her life she really needs someone to talk things through with and bounce ideas off, and Natalie has been wonderful for that. The music choices in the scenes with Lydia and the Sheriff were so beautiful and captured the emotions perfectly. Watching Lydia look around the room and see Stiles's bed, investigation board and desk made me physically ache. All I could do was picture moments Lydia shared with Stiles in his room and how desperate we and the characters are to get him back. When Lydia walked over to his jersey, Holland did an incredible job. You can see the shock on Lydia's face when she realised she can physically touch the jersey and hold it, and then she breathes it in and there's a magnificent look of relieved joy on her face that she can actually smell him. The cherry on top of the cake was Lydia throwing the jersey and the Sheriff catching it, it's a pivotal moment that makes Stiles tangible to the Sheriff. He exists. He knows it now. There's no denying it. Now can we get Claudia out of their please? I don't need any more time wasted on someone that doesn't exist!