Teen Wolf 6x06 'Ghosted' - Discussion

Teen Wolf 6x06 'Ghosted' - Discussion


I was really looking forward to this episode considering I knew it was going to be pretty Lydia-heavy, so it definitely goes into the column of 'good' episodes this season, but I do think I expected a little more out of it considering I thought there'd be a little more banshee-related information told to us regarding the plot of the season. It's always interesting to see Lydia connect with other banshees, because even at this point we don't know exactly how far her powers can go, or how they'll combine with another banshee's powers. I like that this was explored in this episode through Lydia having a time-travelling vision back to Canaan in the 80's (shout out to Hungry Like The Wolf, very punny Teen Wolf!), and how Lenore's powers allowed Lydia to see the Ghost Riders and learn more about what happens to those that are taken. Lenore's powers were actually really interesting as well, she's able to completely close her house so that even an Alpha can't get out. But considering Stiles specifically told them that Canaan was important, I expected a little more from a visit to the town? Some more concrete information on how they're going to get the erased ones back or stop the Ghost Riders? It doesn't seem like the visit to Canaan actually achieved much right now.

I like the theory that if a town the Ghost Riders go to has a banshee that they become stuck there. It makes sense as to why they had to give Lenore the bargaining chip of bringing Caleb back and why they can't leave Beacon Hills right now. It appears like every town listed in the station might not become a Ghost Town, but Canaan did and Beacon Hills eventually will too if the Ghost Riders aren't stopped. Although I will admit, the hint that those that are taken might become Ghost Riders better not be foreshadowing for Stiles later in season 6. I had that theory before this episode, but it will just break my heart if that happens.

Speaking of foreshadowing, if the Werewolf Teacher actually bites into Melissa's skull and kills her, I will pitch a fit. Nobody touches a damn hair on Mama McCall's head, okay? She is incredible and we would be lost without her. I really enjoyed her scenes with Chris in this episode. She got to display some fantastic problem-solving and life-saving skills which is a little unusual for her, especially outside of a hospital environment. And I've already made it pretty clear that I do like the idea of her and Chris together. Her little 'I'm gonna need you to spell that.' made me laugh out loud, she's so relatable in the mix of all the mythology this show gives us.

Whilst we still don't have proper answers about Claudia and why she's back yet, we did get a little closer to an idea of why she's 'back to life' in Stiles's absence. Her appearance parallels that of Caleb's somewhat in terms of the Ghost Riders bringing back somebody dead. But if Caleb was a bargaining chip from the Ghost Riders for Lenore, why on earth is Claudia there? Because as far as we know, nobody bargained for her. It looks more likely that she's been brought back to stop them from finding Stiles and therefore the rest of the other erased people. She's been hellbent on making Lydia feel insecure in her findings and emotionally manipulating the Sheriff into not thinking he has a son. However, considering the Sheriff is getting suspicious over her miraculous recovery from a terminal illness, and has FINALLY peeled back the wallpaper, opening Stiles's room, we might actually get some answers into the why of her being there pretty soon!

I did not expect to cry during this episode but Malia hallucinating her dead family really got to me. Shelley did an amazing job during that scene, and it really was like something out of a horror movie, along with Caleb in the basement. Teen Wolf isn't a 'scary' show, but that's done a really good job this season of incorporating horror movie elements, and I applaud them for that. 

Ah, the return of Theo. Obviously most of us have known this was coming for quite a while, it was spoiled way before the season began that Theo would be returning, and he was in the trailers for the season, so it was only a matter of time. However, I totally understand why a lot of fans are annoyed by the convoluted plot regarding how they brought him back, considering Arden Cho was kicked off the show because they 'didn't have a story for Kira'. This entire lightning plot was literally made for Kira's character, and to have her mother suddenly show up and give Liam Kira's sword is virtually a stab in the back to those who are Kira fans and think Arden deserved better, especially considering Theo apparently doesn't even have his electricity powers anymore. However, Cody is a good actor, and Theo is an interesting character, so if he could take some screen time away from some of 2.0 (*cough* Liam, Hayden, Corey, looking at you guys), then I won't be annoyed by his returning. What I don't want is them to 'redeem' his character and have him become romantically involved with Malia. That girl deserves better than somebody who killed Scott McCall and literally shot her. But I am interested to see how long it will take him to spill the beans about who the Werewolf Teacher really is, because he definitely recognised him in this episode.