RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2x02) 'Snatch Game' - Liveblog + Discussion

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2x02) 'Snatch Game' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ooh, Tati chose Coco too!
  • Well I'm glad they all noticed Adore got freakin' destroyed on that stage.
  • This is really feeling like Survivor with the alliances and the mind games, wow!
  • My baby Adore!
  • Ah Snatch Game, how I love ya.
  • Oh, all the pressure on the people who sucked last time!
  • I so get why Adore wants to go though.
  • They were extra harsh.
  • It is enough to want to leave when she feels like she's not being respected for her drag.
  • She's making the decision because she doesn't want to feel like crap. And her fans understand that.
  • I think she's loved more outside the show than within it though.
  • Aww Katya, you're so sweet.
  • Michelle, it was personal.
  • Shock horror she actually apologised.
  • I'm really loving Tati this season.
  • Yay Raven and Jujubee!
  • Oh not for Tati though haha.
  • I agree with you Adore, I do. I'll always believe in you.
  • I don't know if Phi Phi is playing mind games or genuinely trying to help...
  • Omg Alyssa, I'm dying.
  • Roxxxy honey. Noooooo.
  • Tati, your Ariana is not that good.
  • Omg Katya.
  • Eek, Detox.
  • Haha Alyssa's mask.
  • I knew Katya was joking about voting off the strongest haha.
  • Alaska and Detox have the same makeup, oh my god.
  • Roxxxy getting Ginger in her corset haha!
  • Meh, not into Phi Phi's look.
  • I like Roxxxy's but I would've liked to see her not in black. It's just a little been there, done that.
  • Love Alyssa's minus the hair.
  • Ooh, Tati yaaaas. (Didn't need the 'haven't eaten in a week' comment though 😑)
  • Alaska's look is very space age cool.
  • Ugh, Ginger I'm not a fan. There's not much concept there. Too many gowns.
  • Ooh, Detox yes yes yes!
  • Okay I'm not crazy about this speech Ru, it sounds like a subtle dig at Adore leaving.
  • Exactly, Katya is so unexpected but so amazing.
  • Aww, Tati!
  • A perverted oil painting!
  • Yeah Phi Phi scraped into safe because her snatch game was actually pretty solid. But at the same time, Detox's runway was so so much better than Phi Phi's.
  • Oh this is going to be so hard.
  • Haha Detox and Alaska's relationship is perf.
  • Roxxxy honey, are you trying to play the Rolaskatox card?
  • Omg Katya's new outfit!
  • It's so weird to go from the top 2 to the bottom 3 on one week!
  • I mean I'd say 50/50 because Detox isn't going.
  • Lets be real these are the top 2 of the whole group aren't they?
  • Omg they are slaying this lip sync haha!
  • Alaska yes honey!
  • Ooooh, sorry Tati. 

So if you've seen any comments anywhere about All Stars 2 from the few weeks before it started up to now, you'll probably have already been aware of the rumours about Adore quitting. Low and behold, those rumours turned out to be trumours! Honestly, after the first episode and how she was treated, I couldn't blame her for making that choice. Adore wasn't completely prepared to be back in that environment to be critiqued by the judges, she's made a career for herself outside of the show, she performs and she tours so much and to step back into that concentrated competition state of mind clearly wasn't what she needed. I respect her decision and I love her just as much if not more than I always have. And I've still not completely forgiven Michelle, but I'll get over it.

Snatch Game, that old classic! This wasn't one of my favourite Snatch Games though. I loved Alaska's 'Mae West', Alyssa's 'Joan Crawford' was a riot and Katya's 'Bjork', although I'm not sure how Bjork-like it was, was very well-performed. Everyone else was lacklustre in some way, most obviously Roxxxy and Tatianna, but Detox, Phi Phi and even Ginger were lacking in the comedy too, even though they had planned out characters. I will probably have Alaska's 'Mae West' ringing in my head for the rest of the year, she was fantastic!

I'll be honest, we all know the two contestants lip-syncing for their legacy in this episode are likely to be finalists. I don't think anybody wants the crown more than Alaska and Katya do, because they know they've been close before. They're so well-rounded as competitors; they have the right looks, the acting ability, the comedy, the stand-out personalities, they are it when it comes to what RuPaul and the judges look for in finalists. But as we know, anything can happen, most people wanted Katya to win Season 7 but her anxiety got the better of her. I did want Alaska to win over Jinkx but I don't dislike her as a winner, she did earn it, I've just always seen Alaska as a bigger star than her.

When it comes to the bottom 3 in this episode and the results, I get a little bit annoyed. The judges' marking is coming off as a little inconsistent. In the Talent Show in the first episode, the judges appeared to put a lot of stock in outfit/look when that wasn't the focus of the challenge, and Adore ended up in the bottom 3 for her look, because they didn't really critique her performance at all. And yet in this episode, in which the runway should've definitely held more weight, it didn't seem to mean as much. In the Snatch Game, Phi Phi was marginally better than Detox, her character was at least a little more comedy-based even if it wasn't 'laugh-out-loud' funny. However, when it comes to the runway, Phi Phi was certainly near the bottom of the pile, and in my opinion, Detox won it. Overall, balancing out those two aspects, Phi Phi should've been in the bottom 3 instead of Detox. Especially because neither Katya or Alaska were going to send Detox home, it was a wasted spot, they loved her outfit and didn't agree with her being in the bottom 3. 

I do somewhat disagree with Alaska's decision to send Tatianna home instead of Roxxxy. Roxxxy subtly playing the 'Rolaskatox' card left a bitter taste in my mouth, especially when she had the nerve to send home someone she calls a friend last week but was pulling the friend card in order to stay this week. Tatianna at least had a Snatch Game character thought out and planned and stuck to it, it fell flat, but she put the effort in. Roxxxy changing her Snatch Game character last minute was a ridiculous idea, especially changing it to somebody that was involved in the game, it just highlighted all of the inaccuracies and bad impersonation. If she'd stuck to Sofia Vergara and it was still bad, I could've justified her staying, but I also liked Tatianna's outfit more than Roxxxy's and I feel like we had more to see from Tatianna than we do Roxxxy.