RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2x05) 'Revenge of the Queens' - Liveblog + Discussion

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2x05) 'Revenge of the Queens' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ah yes, revenge time.
  • Nice outfit Coco!
  • Meh, Ginger's was a little lacklustre after Tati haha.
  • And Alyssa's we've already seen.
  • Ooh, well Ginger just took over this fight didn't she haha.
  • Ginger wtf? You wouldn't have let her go home? That was literally what you wanted to happen to keep you there!
  • It's not throwing you under the bus! She was giving an opinion like you all do all the time!
  • Ah, Phi Phi I do agree with you.
  • Alyssa's starting to piss me off, not gonna lie.
  • Haha. Roxxxy 'I'm just here to look pretty.'
  • Ooh, stand up comedy. I can already spot those that won't be good at this.
  • Girl, of course you're choosing Alaska, she's funny as hell.
  • Yikes, solo Roxxxy...
  • Oh don't worry, she won't be winning.
  • Phi Phi sweetie, don't give her too much thought. Focus on yourself.
  • You respect the one that send you home, but not a the other for having an opinion.
  • Aww Roxxxy, you're just not that funny babe.
  • Lol, Katya is brilliant.
  • It's definitely a risk! Wow. Aids?
  • Oh yikes...
  • She's not saying your drag's not good, she's saying you were getting free passes for your personality.
  • Lol! Obama hugging Trump!
  • Ooh, pretty Ru!
  • Aww, Roxxxy, getting her tongue twisted. That would've almost been a good joke if it'd landed.
  • Yeah they weren't that funny but at least they tried haha.
  • Haha, Alaska can make me laugh with just her tone.
  • Haha, they were great though.
  • I feel like Katya and Ginger could've been way funnier?
  • Oh Roxxxy babe...
  • Haha, Detox and Tatianna are amazing!
  • The right choices for the top, I agree.
  • And I agree with the bottom two.
  • You did an okay job Ginger, not a great job.
  • I get the sense that Phi Phi wanted to go by this point.
  • Alyssa, I don't buy that you're not holding a grudge.
  • I would probably choose Roxxxy to stay just because she had the hardest job.
  • I want this lip sync to be awesome!
  • Such babes!
  • So fierce!
  • Tatianna is so cute as a blonde!
  • Oh Phi Phi honey.

Now, being totally honest here. No matter how much I love this show, I did put off watching this episode for a while because I was getting a bit disheartened with how I felt about the editing. But overall, this show brings me so much joy, so I'm trying to let editing woes go and just enjoy the show for what it is.

Do I think Phi Phi handled the queens (Alyssa) coming back well? Not really. But I also think this show has made an art of making Phi Phi out to be the anti-christ. The horrible comments I see from people about her are disgusting, and I know I mentioned this in last week's recap, but it bears mentioning again. These are real people, even if they're playing characters, they don't deserve to be treated like dirt by the viewers just because of how they're portrayed on television. I agree with Phi Phi that Alyssa was making herself out to be a victim, and that she was holding a grudge even if she said she wasn't. I also think Phi Phi was her own undoing in this episode because she was too stressed about what was going on with her clash with Alyssa, rather than making the most of the challenge and the opportunity she was given to try and stay.

I knew from the start of this challenge that Phi Phi and Roxxxy were going to struggle, because they just don't naturally have a knack for comedy and stand-up. I applaud Phi Phi for trying, and I actually thought some of Roxxxy's routine was funny, in a self-deprecating 'I suck at this' kind of way. That's probably the British humour in me. We love a bit of self-deprecation. However, Roxxxy earned more points with me because her jokes were funnier and she had to tackle the challenge by herself, and had no one to work off of. So, at the end of the day, I understood the choice to keep Roxxxy over Phi Phi.

I completely agreed with the top teams, Alyssa and Alaska's performance was great, and allowed Alyssa to shine when she was overshadowed by Alaska in the last team challenge. Detox and Tatianna worked with one another perfectly on stage and we're the funniest in my opinion. I was actually pretty disappointed with Katya and Ginger, they're both good at comedy, so it didn't really make sense why their routine fell so flat. I did have to laugh at Ginger saying that it sucked to get told she did great but she was still going home. Honey, you did okay. You didn't do great. If you'd been great you would've been in the top two instead of Alyssa and Tatianna.

This was definitely the best lip sync this season. Having real stakes on the line instead of just the chance to win a tip and send somebody home makes the queens hungry to beat their competitor in a way we've just been lacking this season. While I admired the show changing things up, the desperation to win from Alyssa and Tatianna to get back in the competition made the lip sync incredible, and they both slayed it and deserved to come back to the competition.

I've seen a lot of people hating on Phi Phi for not hugging Alyssa but hugging everyone else. I honestly don't think she intended for it to come across that way and everyone's reading too much into the moment. She wasn't intending to hug anyone, but the other girls went to hug her on her way out, so instead it looked like she deliberately snubbed Alyssa when I've seen Phi Phi say she was about to cry and wanted to get off of the stage as fast as possible. I think she's very misunderstood but sadly, two times on this show with this viewpoint from the majority of the audience isn't going to change people's minds. It changed mine. But I'm more inclined not to believe everything I see on reality television.