Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x01) 'May The Best Generation Win' - Liveblog + Discussion

Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x01) 'May The Best Generation Win' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ah, I’m excited to have Survivor back but I am dreading this concept.
  • I just really want Gen x to do badly. Because if I have to hear ‘kids these days!’
  • God, born in ’97, I feel old compared to you dude.
  • To be fair, ’63, you were still born over a decade later than my parents.
  • You’re taking utensils over a hammer?!
  • I didn’t realise I knew who Mari was but I totally know who Mari is!
  • If you’re a sucker for pretty girls, you’re not gonna win this game dude.
  • Can we get this guy off the Millennialstribe? He’s already badmouthing them.
  • Hey, this guy! Well done! Don’t underestimate the other tribe!
  • Okay, I kinda like Ken so far.
  • Don’t be so sure that you’ll be here on day 36 m’dear.
  • If you’re good at manipulating men, and one of them is a sucker for pretty girls, this could be interesting.
  • Oh no. Hannah I feel you so hard. Don’t get left in the dust.
  • Rachel is so high pitched, wow.
  • David, if you don’t like those things, I don’t think you’re on the right show. Can I interest you in Big Brother?
  • Oh dude, don’t go after Ken, I’m gonna hate you.
  • You are ‘the paranoid guy’.
  • The weather is going to screw them over so hard.
  • I can’t stop seeing the tribe name as Vanilla instead of Vanlia.
  • No amount of palm fronds can help you now.
  • They gon’ die!
  • Well at least the millennials weren’t the only ones not to complete their shelter lol!
  • Hey, tarp on loan!
  • Millennials or…pigs?
  • Early Jeff visit!
  • Yeah, they can’t leave them in a cyclone haha.
  • Save the chickens!
  • That looks really awful!
  • How is that boat fit to sail?!
  • Holy crap that is scary!
  • Look pretty the next day though!
  • Hey, more branches to build shelter.
  • Dave honey, you can’t even snap a twig.
  • Tears already? I’m not feeling it.
  • Hey, millennials have fire! Take that naysayers!
  • Ooh, never get a ‘popular clique’ together. The misfits always do better on survivor because they think about things more.
  • Ah, finally a challenge!
  • Bye bye tarps.
  • Ooh, this is an interesting twist. Shortcuts and puzzle-solving.
  • Dude, don’t block the other team. Douche move.
  • Come on millennials!
  • Millennials really like our iPhone puzzle games. Look at us go!
  • Rachel vs Dave. Dave’s paranoid, but they really don’t like Rachel. Never volunteer for the challenge and screw up.
  • Dave you’re not selling yourself well to the tribe.
  • Telling Dave to chill out is like telling Zeke to wear monochrome.
  • Damn, eyes are tricky things. Don’t go blind love, I foresee a med-evac.
  • Dave summed up: Oh crap.
  • Too little too late maybe Rachel?
  • If you don’t laugh at David, I don’t like you. The guy has great comedic timing at tribal.
  • A lot of holes in this camp, where did the Cece votes come from?
  • Talk about a tribe that hasn’t got a game plan, votes all over the shop!

I actually really enjoyed this premiere considering I haven't really been a fan of the concept of this season since we found it out. I hated the idea of Gen X making unfound and annoying claims about what 'kids these days' aka the Millennials are like. That we don't have a work ethic, that our parents do everything for us, that we all need participation trophies and aren't responsible. Those kind of claims really annoy me. For the most part, those in this generation who do have unconventional jobs do so because they've been able to make money out of doing something they truly enjoy, like Mari for example, who I realised when I saw her that I've seen her on Smosh's gaming channel, has been able to make a career out of YouTube by playing video games. Just because it's not a conventional office job, doesn't mean it's not a career or just as valid as job. And I hope the Gen X-ers that last a long time in this season (if there are many) learn to respect Millennials and the lives they lead.

However, the Millennials tribe didn't exactly get off to a good start representing my generation well. The choice of chickens over fishing gear? Going swimming instead of building a shelter? Guys, what are you doing?! Although I was very very pleased to see Zeke able to build a fire without flint. Something that we didn't even see the Gen X camp do, even if their building skills were a little better. Millennials may have been represented as a bit too spontaneous, but they got their eventually.

So we had our first ever weather evacuation! Which seems surprising in 33 seasons of the show, but why oh why did they choose to come to Fiji during cyclone season?! Haha. I suppose the weather being a challenging element is an important aspect of the show. I still remember Fishback and his awfully soaked feet, unable to walk, sobbing in the shelter during the torrential downpour in season 31. So they had to make sure the contestants lives weren't in danger, and really kickstarted the drama for the season before they'd even got to their first challenge. It's scary to think that had they been left there they may well have been seriously injured by falling trees.

I can't tell you how happy it made me that Gen X, the tribe that attacked the Millennials for poor work ethic, lost to them because they took too many shortcuts and couldn't solve a puzzle. It's so fantastically ironic. I hope the Millennials continue to do well and that this wasn't a fluke, because it's programmed in me to be on their side because of my age! I thought it was really interesting that the edit was telling us that the tribes votes would be between Rachel and David when that wasn't really the case! David, surprisingly, despite everyone seeming to think he had an idol and that he was too paranoid, only got one vote. Sunday also got a vote, and Cece got several. I have no idea why those votes were cast, Cece seemed to be vaguely close to Rachel but it seemed really out of left field. I don't see David lasting the long haul though. He's put a major target on his back and the only way he's going to last a while is people dragging him along because he's an easy vote and not a threat. The Gen X tribe don't seem to have sorted out their alliances really yet, the Millennials seem to be doing a much quicker job of that. But as we've seen before, that's often the main difference between the older generation and the newer one, the newer generations often play a much more social game.