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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2x04) 'Drag Movie Shequels' - Liveblog + Discussion

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2x04) 'Drag Movie Shequels' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Okay but Roxxxy, it was Alyssa's choice.
  • Yes, based on being consistent, Katya is better!
  • Katya, you do you and prove you're amazing!
  • Oh Ginger's being shady when she's not even there, what a surprise.
  • Rigamorris!
  • Haha, yes Katya, get away from the bad actors.
  • Haha, typecast Phi Phi!
  • Oh god. Is this gonna be bad?
  • That's not the line!
  • Omg Alaska is incredible.
  • So pretty!
  • Katya noooo remember your lines!
  • OMG Alyssa how are you messing this up so badly? IT'S TWO WORDS.
  • Oh Roxxxy...
  • I appreciate the change up of dress style Mama Ru!
  • Inspired by Violet Chachki! Yay!
  • Nice outfit Phi Phi.
  • Oh Roxxxy the strap to the hands is cute!
  • Omg Katya!
  • Ooh pretty Detox!
  • Wow Alyssa that runway outfit!
  • Phi Phi's doing so good haha!
  • Haha Katya and Detox were hilarious.
  • Omg Alaska haha!
  • Omg Alaska! 'You're not my real mom and you never will be!'
  • Wow well done Phi Phi!
  • Wait, why are we back to a bottom 3 again?
  • Shouldn't it have just been Roxxxy and Alyssa?
  • Ooh, Phi Phi, getting harsh there with no one-on-one's?
  • You were kind of joint worst Roxxxy?
  • I agree Detox. That does feel a little bitchy.
  • It is starting to feel like season 4 Phi Phi has reared her ugly head again.
  • Omg haha. Surely Alaska got that right?
  • Ooh, bye Alyssa.
  • I knew last week's choice would come back to haunt her.
  • Phi phi shhhhhh.

Okay, I've been pretty angry about this episode since it aired. I can physically feel the very deliberate choice to edit Phi Phi to make her look the worst they possibly can. And I've been feeling it ever since about episode 2. Not only have they shown more of her in a 'confrontational' aspect than any of the other girls, but they are very much trying to work the angle that she's just as awful as she was back in season 4. I disagree with this. I hated Phi Phi back in season 4, but the things she's said this season have been directly referencing her views on the challenges and the competition and occasionally personality clashes and different ways of behaving, she has not been attacking the other queens and being a bitch. I don't believe for the most part, that she's actually done anything wrong, but they're definitely trying to show that she is. I guess there's only room for one redemption arc, and apparently Roxxxy's been given it.

I do think it's irresponsible for the show to make Phi Phi look this bad. Just last week they were talking about how she was so hated after the show that it was hard for her to work, that she got death threats and threats of violence online, and I've seen disgusting comments like that to her again, and to Alaska for daring to send Alyssa home (but I'll come back to that!). These aren't characters, these are real people behind the performing names, behind the makeup and beyond the show, and they don't deserve to be treated in such despicable ways because of how they've been portrayed on a television show. I've heard nothing but good comments from people who have met Phi Phi in real life, and when they're not showing her in a bad light on the show, the other queens seem to get along perfectly well with her. I become more and more glad every week than my girl Adore quit to be honest.

So we finally get to see what the 'revenge' plot is next time with Coco, Tatianna, Ginger and Alyssa all showing up behind the mirror at the end of the episode. I doubt the theory I had back in episode one is actually what's going on anymore, especially with the girls returning this soon as opposed to the finale, but I'm still excited to see what happens! If any of the queens get a chance to come back, I think I'd like it to be Tatianna, I truly felt like she had a lot more to show and deserves another chance. 

I did agree with Alaska's choice to send Alyssa home. Whilst I've stated that I did think Alyssa had the potential to be 3rd or 4th in All Stars, and that she had improved in areas she struggled in before, she failed the acting challenge in this episode majorly. Alyssa was always going to struggle opposite someone as scene-stealing as Alaska, but her quietness when delivering lines and her inability to get 'Do-Dah' right just brought me right back to the fake orgasm fiasco in season 5. Not to mention, her runway was messy. It was a great concept, just poorly executed, and I did agree with Michelle and Phi Phi that you can't let someone slip by with mediocre just because they're a character. Roxxxy's runway was better, and whilst she was outperformed by Phi Phi in the challenge, she was able to be a participant in the scene in a way Alyssa wasn't. I also don't agree with Katya being in the bottom 3, I think there should've just been a bottom 2 considering we moved to a bottom 2 last week. Katya stumbled at first but her and Detox made the most balanced shequel of all 3 and worked together cohesively in a way the other two teams didn't.

It was also so hysterical to see Lil Pound Cake make a return! I love that All Stars has quite a few callbacks to things in previous seasons, it adds another layer to the drama just like when Survivor has a cast of returning players. I love that the runway theme was inspired by Violet Chachki's iconic double outfit, and I feel she is an incredibly underrated winner and truly deserved the crown her season, so that made me happy.