RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2x03) 'HERstory Of The World' - Liveblog + Discussion

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2x03) 'HERstory Of The World' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ooh Phi Phi girl, you talking about the worst going? Girl, you dodged a bullet!
  • You have to be more!
  • Alyssa is hilarious though haha.
  • It really does feel like they're trying to give Phi Phi a bad edit...
  • Oh my god, I love Katya.
  • Ooh, this is gonna be interesting!
  • Haha, Phi Phi's face at Katya's shade!
  • There's a lot of Phi Phi vs Alyssa this week? Hints?
  • If you can't do the choreography perfectly, you've got to comedy it up.
  • I'm still not sure if that's Phi Phi's actual intention though! I want to believe the best in her!
  • Oh Detox...
  • Ooh, I never knew there was a Phi Phi and Detox feud.
  • Bless you Alaska.
  • Damn Alaska looks great.
  • OMG Phi Phi!
  • To be fair, Ginger's doing alright with that massive dress.
  • The classic Detox lips are back!
  • OMG Alyssa!
  • Roxxxy was good but not that funny.
  • Katya kinda got the short end of the stick with that character piece I think.
  • Alaska's outfit is pretty awesome.
  • I love the amount of work there, Phi Phi.
  • Ginger, I've seen it all before.
  • Whoa Detox!
  • Other than the shoes, Alyssa's outfit is a little meh.
  • Roxxxy, pretty boring and predictable.
  • Intergalactic mom! Haha!
  • Ginger plays every character over the top though, it kind of gets the same-y.
  • Haha, you'll rust!
  • Oh no Katya.
  • Thanks Ru! Katya had a harder job!
  • There's a bottom 2 instead of 3 now?
  • Katya is a so much more well-rounded contestant than Ginger.
  • Yes Alyssa yes! There's so much more for Katya.
  • Alyssa really is a lip syncing queen though.
  • This is a fierce battle!
  • It's hard to choose!
  • Bye Ginger!

First of all, a big congratulations to RuPaul for the Emmy win for Outstanding Reality Host! It's been a long time coming! And it's ironic that that happened just after the episode about Herstory, considering Mama Ru's making herstory herself!

So...can I mention how incredibly happy I am about the result of this episode? Honestly, Ginger was probably one of my least favourite queens in the All Stars line up. I dislike her belief that because you've been doing drag longer that you're automatically better or more mature. She didn't display much of that in All Stars, probably because she thought it was a more 'equal' playing field of talent, but she rubbed me up the wrong way in Season 7 and I still haven't had my mind changed about her yet. She faded into the background massively so far this All Stars season and while she may have outperformed Katya in this challenge, Katya as a whole is more of a star than Ginger is. I'm just worried about how the other queens are going to react to Alyssa going against their 'worst criticism goes' rule.

I also need to talk about how Katya basically got sabotaged by the challenge in this episode. The part she was given wasn't funny, which was painfully obvious because we all know Katya can sell a comedic routine just as well as any other comedy queen on the show, she got top 2 in Snatch Game after all! So it wasn't only a combination of what RuPaul said in regards to everyone remembering too well what Diana looked like, but also that it sucked because the song wasn't funny and as the closing number it just highlighted the awkwardness of it. I agree that Katya's runway wasn't great, in fact doing the Theme as a Mom is something I recall her doing in Season 7 and it not going down well with the judges then either. So I get that part. But as a whole taking everything into account, I thought Roxxxy again was a little lacklustre and deserved to be low down in the rankings.

There was a very prominent amount of Phi Phi in this episode considering she was neither top nor bottom in the week, and yet her amazing runway outfit didn't get the credit it deserved from the judges either, which is...odd. I know Roxxxy made a point in the first episode about not blaming the edit and that if you said those things you still said them, but I do feel like Phi Phi is getting a purposely bad edit in order for the audience to still see her as a villain. Phi Phi hasn't actually said anything that bad, just your average shady comment, but every time she makes a remark to or about another queen it feels like it's being made a bigger issue than it actually should be. I don't know, maybe my opinion will change, but it sure feels like the editors are going out of their way to make Phi Phi look bad. Her behaviour has been nowhere near what she displayed in season 4, where she came across as an incredibly angry and bitter person. And considering all the hate she got that nearly made her quit drag, I'm struggling to understand why the show would want to continue that avenue of hatred towards her, because god knows I'm seeing a lot of it on social media. 

It's really interesting that the tops and bottoms of the challenges are changing so much week to week. We haven't had a single recurring queen in the top or the bottom yet, which shows what a level playing field of All Stars we have and how their strengths and weaknesses are all very different. And on more than one occasion someone that was in the top the previous week is then in the bottom the week after. I know most people are picking Alaska and Katya out as the most obvious choices for potential winners, but it'll be interesting to see if that actually happens, especially considering how close Katya was to going out in this episode (thank you Alyssa!). I'd say Detox and Alyssa are setting themselves up to be great competitors for them too, although I'm not sure if they have what it takes to win the crown. And I'm still waiting to find out what the Revenge twist is!