Scream (MTV) 2x10 'The Vanishing' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x10 'The Vanishing' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Yes, I'm glad Maggie recognises that the decay does not match up with time/place of death!
  • So we can assume the preserver is the killer.
  • Oh wow, it just hit me that this is Maggie's child she's studying.
  • Back to the pigs again!
  • Ooh, Audrey knew about the sister connection.
  • Oooh. Piper didn't kill Rachel!
  • God Emma, you're so judgemental sometimes. People make mistakes! Audrey had legitimate cause to think Piper was innocent.
  • But he had a brother right? Even if Brandon is really dead, there's a brother out there. It was his farm?
  • Interesting flashback!
  • Oh damn, Zoe's missing? ...Never trust a text in this show.
  • This doesn't feel good!
  • Jesus, the sound effect scared the crap out of me!
  • This is happening very early in the episode!
  • Oh damn! Don't die Noah!
  • Final girls!
  • Ooh, that's really creepy.
  • Of course Noah has a 'Top 10 Worst Ways To Go' list.
  • I'm glad we might be finding out more about the past, but I still don't know what that past is.
  • Wait, what is the Sheriff finding?
  • Is that where the killer lives?!
  • If Noah's blinded to the truth, it leads me to Zoe.
  • Ooh, Audrey that letter wasn't good.
  • Behind the board!
  • This is great acting from John Karna!
  • Oh my god, hello Zoe!
  • 'The only ones who aren't afraid are the monsters.'
  • Kieran being absent still makes me think he's guilty.
  • Oh Noah.
  • What on earth is the killer doing?
  • Sheriff, why are you believing this?
  • That's where Jake died isn't it?
  • And the pig again!
  • I've thought the whole time that they wouldn't actually kill Noah but this is very sad!
  • OOOOH.
  • Audrey loved Emma!
  • Oh my god, Zoe is actually somewhere as well!
  • I mean, you're not okay Noah.
  • I don't know if you'll get the chance to save Zoe...
  • Oh my lord.
  • She's been dead for ages. It was recorded.
  • Oh my god.
  • RIP Zoe :(
  • Wait, what? Eli?!

Phew, this episode got me good. So after last week's episode I had finally eliminated Zoe from the suspect list, despite her sometimes suspicious behaviour. And as soon as that happens? BAM, DEAD! Honestly, I never grew that attached to Zoe as a character because I couldn't completely trust her, but the way they killed her off in this episode almost made me cry. The killer played a similar trick to the one pulled in season 1 in regards to Will. Put the victim in a situation to be rescued, give the heroes the chance to save someone, gain some confidence that they can beat the killer, save someone and then devastation. It was just heartbreaking.

I figured out when they put Noah getting stabbed in the promo for this episode that he wasn't going to die. They would never show a main character getting killed in the promo, but as the episode went on and the hallucinations Noah was having of Zoe in the coffin got more and more sad, I suddenly thought, this isn't the kind of writing where he's going to be saved and everyone's going to be fine. The horrifying part particularly that Noah was listening to Zoe die and not even realising what it was he was hearing. I noticed when I watched it through the second time that there was a long time when Noah was in there that the recording of Zoe wasn't audible, and by that point I think she was already dead, because then the killer just looped it again to trick them. The revelation that Noah wanted to go to prom with Zoe, go to college together and even grow old together was so sad, for his girlfriend to be killed by the killer twice in two seasons is so cruel. I don't know if Noah will be able to love again. I'm reminded of Sydney in the Scream movie series, and how much she didn't want to pursue a romantic relationship considering her first boyfriend was the killer, and her second was killed. Also the fact that they combined two horrific deaths in one for Zoe made her death even worse, not only was she trapped in a coffin like Noah, but she drowned. The killer put her in her Lady of the Lake outfit and sash, and made her the Lady of the Lake for eternity, and there was never any chance that they would save her.

It was interesting that quite a few characters were missing screen time in this episode. Kieran, Brooke and Stavo were all absent, and Eli didn't appear until the final scene. This still leads me down the 'Kieran is the killer' train, because all he did was call Emma a few times, and I found it interesting that the killer called the Sheriff and tipped them off to the barn, similarly to how Kieran is the Sheriff's informant. Sheriff Acosta being so sure Brandon James is alive is interesting to me. He could be of course, but why is that the assumption they go to immediately? Why not somebody that knew him, or other relatives? Troy James was mentioned at the beginning of this season by Maggie saying he owned the farm where they were in this episode, and that she used to take Emma there when she was young. Why is Troy James not a person of interest? I started to show my mother the series tonight and Troy was even mentioned in the pilot. I'm not saying he's the killer, but there's no reason he couldn't be involved in the mystery. I saw somebody theorise online that the James's could be linked to Kieran and/or Eli and that could be true, especially considering Eli was present to see Maggie send a message to Brandon.

It was great to finally hear from Audrey what was between her and Piper. We now know Piper didn't kill Rachel because she was with Audrey, so we can assume it's this killer that killed Rachel, and they were also the one to attack Piper and Will. The revelation that Audrey was in love with Emma was a good twist too. I don't necessarily see anything romantic between them happening in the future (I'm still pulling for Audrey and Brooke no matter how unlikely that is), but it certainly clears up why Audrey was so upset in her letters and felt alone enough to reach out to Piper. 

With two episodes to go this season, I still have no idea what's going to happen, how they're going to find the killer or what the killer's motive is but I can't wait to find out!