Scream (MTV) 2x12 'When A Stranger Calls' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x12 'When A Stranger Calls' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Oh my, I'm so excited for this!
  • Poor Emma and Audrey.
  • Oh how very Scream 2!
  • Dayum!
  • What on earth, the killer just 'helped' them?
  • 'EMMA! WHAT?' Haha!
  • The madness of two? Really Ms Lang?
  • Sheriff, are you really buying this?
  • Wow, how does the killer do that?
  • Oh my poor girl Brooke.
  • I'm glad Brooke believes in her friends.
  • Really? We go to Kieran? Really?
  • Oh yeah, he'll meet you there. Sure.
  • Well I'm sure someone will stop you Eli...
  • Brooke, honey!
  • Noah, might wanna get dressed! Ha.
  • The gang reunited, but the killer is likely among you.
  • Ooh, Emma got badass!
  • Haha, Noah got a fake one.
  • Yeah they're not going anywhere.
  • Scream isn't Scream if it's not meta, Brooke.
  • Kieran, I do not trust you.
  • Well hello Stavo.
  • Oh Brooke, always caught not letting potential lovers/killers in.
  • Never say 'I'll be right back ' Emma!
  • God this is horrific.
  • Emma get the bastard!
  • Kieran making Emma leave is suspicious as hell.
  • Aww Stavo!
  • Yes Noah, work for your friends!
  • I mean it's still not gonna be Eli.
  • Emma how have you not run out of bullets yet?
  • And ELI!
  • OH MY GOD.
  • Oh shit Emma! Emma no!
  • Emma don't buy Kieran's shit!
  • You will feel safe again?
  • Aww, poor Eli.
  • Wow Kieran, that was your motive? Little weak.
  • My Piper? Really dude?
  • This is amazing!
  • You're final girls for a reason. You gotta both survive this.
  • Yes girls, yes!
  • You need his confession!
  • They won?! Did they actually win!
  • I was right, Noah!
  • Not a lawyer I guess?
  • Brandon?!

Oh my god, I'm still reeling from this finale, this is gonna be a long one! I gotta start with the need to express: I FIGURED OUT WHO THE KILLER WAS. I know that's not an incredible accomplishment, I have a Tumblr, I know the most common theory was that Kieran was the killer, but I'm just glad they actually went with it because it made the most sense! They didn't pull a Pretty Little Liars and do something just for shock value that didn't make sense with what happened, they actually chose someone that the audience could figure out was the killer.

Of course Kieran's always been suspicious, but I totally thought he was innocent in season 1. I thought it was way too obvious if they went the Billy Loomis route, and to be fair, they didn't, because Kieran was the second killer reveal, not the first. Billy was the 'mastermind' in the movie, whereas Piper was the mastermind in the show. Plus, both Piper and Kieran seem much smarter than any of the killers in the films, and the puns that Kieran's been pulling off all season just made him much less of a vanilla character. I also applaud Amadeus Serafini's acting in the finale, he went from 0 to 100 so quickly and made Kieran a very believable villain. But I do wish his motive would've been a little more than just, he was in a relationship with Piper and hated his dad and Maggie. I wanted a reveal that Troy James was his step-father or something, just to tie him to the town history.

Speaking of town history, that ending! I know we're all supposed to assume that was Brandon James on the phone with Kieran threatening him, but if you've been watching the show, you'll know that Maggie has stated she doesn't think Brandon was the original killer. That he wasn't the kind of person who would do that. I'm still saying that Troy James is involved somewhere, because he's mentioned far too much to have never been seen by the audience and never suspected of on the show.

I'm honestly so proud of the team behind this show. I binge-watched Season 1 on Netflix late last year after they put the whole season up because I love the film series. It's actually one of the only 'horror' series I can watch because of it's use of satire, picking apart horror movie tropes, and self-awareness. I'm not a fan of gore you see, I like my horror witty. I didn't think the show would be able to live up to the legacy of the films, and honestly I think Season 1 was pretty weak in comparison to Season 2 in that respect. Season 2 kept me on my toes a lot more, there were so many more possible suspects for a lot longer. It felt like there were very few suspects in Season 1 because so many characters were targeted or in situations where they couldn't be the killer. I think I was shocked to discover it was Piper because I'd ruled her out in the Piper and Will attack, I actually thought the killer was Jake because otherwise his character seemed a little pointless, like Kieran's character in Season 2. And to be fair, I've gone through my fair share of suspects in my discussion posts as we've gone through the season. I've written about my suspicions of Noah, Emma, Ms Lang, Eli, Zoe and finally settled on Kieran a few episodes back. But I did get there!

The turning point was 2x09 'The Orphanage' when Haley was killed. She was secretly dating someone and was about to give him a blowjob before she was killed, solidifying the killer as a man. And right at the start of that episode Kieran had serious eye contact with Haley when he told her to stop attacking Emma. He and Stavo were the only characters seen solo at the party around the time of Haley's death. At that moment I'd decided it was Kieran. That he could've easily set up the haunted house trick himself, that his absence when Ms Lang was attacked very well put him in the forefront when most other characters had alibis at the time, and then last week he very easily planted Audrey's letters in Eli's room and saw the documents that the killer then used to lure the Mayor to the farm. It all made perfect sense! And I would've been truly annoyed had he not turned out to be the killer after all that evidence.

I desperately want a Season 3 of this show, but I've been a fan of TV for a long time and I know how unlikely that is when the ratings are poor. But I do see quite a substantial amount of tweeting about the show and I'm sure it gets good ratings worldwide via Netflix so I've not given up hope yet! The only downside to another season would be that at least one of my favourite characters would be sure to die, and I don't want to lose Brooke, Audrey, Noah or Emma. My 'Core Four' so-to-speak. But I really think this show has hit it's stride and has so much potential going forward. It's a great summer show, and very underrated. It's also narrowed it's cast down to the best actors (sorry season 1 departed, most of your acting left a lot to be desired), and you can tell how much the actors love making this show and working together. I'm crossing my fingers! Otherwise I'll see you all back here for some more Scream reflection for the Halloween special!