Scream (MTV) 2x11 'Heavenly Creatures' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x11 'Heavenly Creatures' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Well this is a creepy start!
  • This is so intense! It's too early to be this intense!
  • The photo of Emma and Kieran seemed important then?
  • Oh the intensity doesn't stop with waking up!
  • Ooh, the Brandon James necklace is back! But now with Emma's name!
  • Kieran, you look frazzled.
  • Obvious signs point to that being Eli, but I'm unconvinced.
  • Aww, poor Noah.
  • Wow, everyone in that hospital has had someone they love die at some point.
  • Oh sweetie, playing detective has helped figure so much out. They need you and your murder board!
  • Still not the biggest fan of Stavo and Brooke shacking up, but I can deal.
  • Definitely a 'WTF'. Why was Eli there?
  • But Noah, if there's no more murder stuff, you're expendable. And I don't want you to be expendable.
  • Aww, that forehead kiss though.
  • It's too obvious to be Eli.
  • What is it the Mayor made Eli's mum do? Oh yeah, probably burning down the property.
  • Finding out everything about you?
  • Eli getting a little demanding and violent.
  • 'I'll get rid of that.'?
  • Where it's safe? Dude, your house is where the final showdown was last season.
  • It won't be Brooke.
  • Ah. Eli.
  • Listening to Ms Lang isn't the best idea.
  • Well her analysis of Stavo seems accurate...
  • Okay she didn't say anything too dramatically wrong about Emma.
  • Oh yay, Stavo and Noah bromance!
  • The letters to Piper! Interesting! (But Kieran could've planted them there.)
  • Yes it's all too convenient isn't it?
  • We've already seen the killer's lair and it's not in Eli's room. The sheriff saw it.
  • wearing gloves? Gloves aren't hard to find dude.
  • Yes Noah, keep going!
  • Whoa, what the hell?
  • Oh my god. The killer is so fucked up.
  • They created a masterpiece of terror.
  • Poor Brooke!
  • Oh god, they've been made to look so guilty!
  • This isn't going to end well.
  • Audrey, how long does it take you to come upstairs!
  • Wait what?
  • The killer brought the Mayor to make it look like they did it?
  • I'm so on edge!
  • I will never use that text alert sound ever now.
  • Oh my god.
  • And Brooke loses another person, Jesus.
  • Oh my god this looks so bad.
  • Sheriff seriously, you can't be this naive!
  • I still think Kieran is suspicious as hell.

So this episode finally brought to fruition what the killer has been setting up the whole season: framing Audrey and Emma. But I really enjoyed the way it played out. I'm also surprised we didn't see video of Audrey in the hotel room, where Seth Branson was, in the video, because we know the killer filmed that, maybe it was in the video and we as the audience just didn't see it.

I feel so bad for Brooke, she loses two of the most important people in her life in one season. Some people think that could mean she's the killer, I however choose to prefer to think that she'll be one of the ones to bring the killer down in the finale, I'd love her to do that with Noah on behalf of the people they've lost this season. Brooke without Jake and her father will be ruthless. Just, writers, I know it's a horror show, but stop torturing my girl Brooke. Add to the killing of her loved ones the fact that she now also feels betrayed by Audrey because the video showed her with Jake's body, she's going through too much to not be the main character or one of the 'Final Girls'.

Also, if Kieran's not the killer, I will be STUNNED. I made my points pretty clear before that no matter how much I don't like the Scream-cliche of the killer being the main character's boyfriend, that there's so much evidence that is building up against Kieran that the characters in the show aren't aware of. The killer will not be someone the characters suspect, like Stavo or Eli (yes, I'm aware of the theory that Stavo hacked Noah's laptop and the phone the Mayor saw was his, but he's been a suspect the whole season and the show wouldn't be obvious to give us the killer straight away in the first episode of season 2, would they?). The characters think Kieran is totally innocent. But it's extremely easy for him to have planted Audrey's letters in Eli's room, he lives there! And why would the letters be in Eli's room instead of in the killer's lair? It seems like the most obvious frame job there is, and we know the killer likes to frame other people.

The killer also threatened the Mayor before his demise about the documents. Again, too obvious to be Eli considering he took the documents, but we also watched Kieran reading them on the table. Kieran also called Maggie about Emma and Audrey going to the farm, and conveniently shows up at the crime scene after everything goes down. To be fair, to the audience Kieran seems like an incredibly obvious choice as well, but I'm still not letting go of the theory against him until the writers tell me it's someone else, because there's too much evidence stacked against him that the characters in the show haven't put together! I would rather the killer be someone the audience have basically figured out, than be someone entirely shocking but the motive is flimsy and nobody caught any signs of them. Kind of like when Wren should've been A in Pretty Little Liars. To be honest, I haven't watched that show since they revealed who A was because the revelation was so disappointing. And I don't want to be disappointed with who the killer is here.