Scream (MTV) 2x06 'Jeepers Creepers' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x06 'Jeepers Creepers' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Oh Brooke.
  • Audrey, I'm so worried for you.
  • Killer says she can't trust herself and he's in her head? Is my theory coming true?
  • Who you can trust may be a very short list Emma. It certainly is for me.
  • Piper's accomplice isn't the person killing people!
  • Ah, this is so frustrating!
  • Yes, Audrey is the accomplice, but she's not the killer!
  • Brooke's pretty convinced it's Seth. We've been here before. It's never Seth.
  • Anyone but Brooke/Audrey/Maggie/Stavo by my deduction.
  • Yes, you were following, Noah.
  • Can't ask Eddie, Eddie's long dead.
  • Oh god no, don't kill Noah!
  • Why is Eli's mother talking to the mayor?
  • Why is the Sheriff so intent on Emma?
  • Yeah, because the police last time totally suspected Piper?!
  • Psych teacher? But she's suspicious as hell.
  • What if it's the opposite? What if he's covering for her?
  • Well, Maggie, I agree to be honest.
  • Ooh, Brooke you're good.
  • Oh, so she is involved with him?
  • Seth is such a douche.
  • Emma, you were told to stay home.
  • Noah, I'm so worried about you!
  • Noah, in what way did coming in here seem smart?
  • Yes, you're a moron!
  • OH MY GOD.
  • But not dead yet?
  • Ah, Brooke, I love ya.
  • Wow Brooke, wow!
  • She's so badass, I'm so in love.
  • Emma Emma Emma. You and Kieran are so not working.
  • Yeah Stavo is still weird but I still don't think he's guilty.
  • Noah please don't get killed!
  • Is that Audrey?!
  • Oh shit.
  • Emma, save them!
  • Noah I'm worried you're gonna die.
  • Oh wow, Audrey was about to confess to being the accomplice.
  • I knew something was off!
  • Shit!
  • Kieran, what the hell?!
  • That was horrifying!
  • EMMA?!
  • Could Emma genuinely be one of the killers and not know?
  • But wait, if Audrey wasn't that involved then who attacked Will and Piper in season 1?
  • Recording it! Knew it!
  • Bye bye Seth? Well we know the psych teacher has motive!
  • This is so creepy wow.
  • Gross.
  • Had to cover the screen for that one, I didn't need to see that.
  • There's one (not-so-likely) suspect off the list!

The deaths this season are brutal! (Did Seth actually die? I blocked the screen after the hand part.) First Eddie and now Seth, wow, this killer is pretty sick. I've seen a lot more people online buying into the 'Emma-is-the-killer' theory I've had for a while now. It can't be a coincidence that nobody has ever seen or been around when Emma's been attacked or threatened by the killer this season. And she's never been injured by them either, she's always been conveniently unharmed other than her own wounds (like the window smashing last week). The killer even said to Emma this week that she can't trust herself and that they're in her head. Casual viewers might not have picked up on the significance of that phone call, so I don't feel like they're being really obvious with Emma as the killer, especially considering somebody has to be helping or controlling her, considering a killer showed Emma being threatened in the motel after Eddie's death. My money's still on Eli or the psych teacher, especially considering the psych teacher had a motive to torture Seth this week.

I'm glad the Noah/Audrey short-lived romantic storyline played out pretty quickly. I, and the majority of the audience, did not want the show to go there. They are destined to be best friends and nothing more. (Still Team Brooke and Audrey over here!) And I thought it was clever how Audrey faux-kidnapped them both to have truth time, at least until the prospect of the actual killer being around happened. Noah is perfect comic relief even in the most horrific of times but I still can't shake the dodgy feeling I'm getting from him this season. Recording what Audrey told him was harsh. I also don't know if she's telling the whole truth, I had assumed she was Piper's accomplice but that she'd never actually killed any of the victims, that she was the one who knocked Piper on the head, stabbed Will and dragged him away in season 1, but she says otherwise? She says it was just the letters and that Piper told her it wasn't her, but then Audrey's reaction to Piper as the killer in the last finale doesn't make total sense. She told the killer to just go ahead and attack her at Brooke's, it seemed like she might know it was Piper, or was that just Audrey's usual bravado in the face of danger?

If Audrey wasn't the accomplice, this could well be the previous accomplice doing the killing, but who the hell had the motivation for being the accomplice in season 1 besides Audrey? All those loose ends seemed to be tied up in Piper. I know Kieran seemed suspicious in season 1 but that was debunked, so did Jake and he got slashed straight away this season. The newbies in season 2 are all (minus Stavo) on my list of suspects, how would they tie into Piper as the (other) accomplice?

Special mention to how amazing Brooke's interrogation of Seth was, she's by far one of my favourite characters on television right now and if she doesn't make it out of this season alive I will be devastated. For her to still be able to plot and get to the bottom of things after being so heartbroken by Jake's death is exactly why I love her so much, nobody breaks Brooke Maddox.

Another one bites the dust on the suspect list, but then I never put much stock in Seth as the killer anyway, guy gets blamed for everything but actually does very little. But hey, I'd rather he died than Noah, and it really felt like Noah was going to be a goner this episode!