Scream (MTV) 2x09 'The Orphanage' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x09 'The Orphanage' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Erm, Emma running to a knife in the kitchen, honey whatcha doing?
  • Worrying Emma, worrying. The Emma theory would be back if there wasn't so much evidence to not put you in the same place as the killings.
  • Aww Audrey.
  • Okay. Stavo and Brooke.
  • Yeah, she's not ready yet.
  • Dude, don't be creeping around her stuff.
  • Ugh, Haley.
  • Well that's a creepy tape.
  • Yikes, everything's falling apart.
  • Zoe Zoe Zoe.
  • I'm still confused over the 'we're worried about you' from Ms Lang.
  • I agree Emma does have growing violent tendencies.
  • Oooh, Zoe. Busted.
  • Noah, how can you be sure she's telling the truth?
  • Well at least the Sheriff's telling Maggie.
  • But I still just think Stavo's creepy not murdery.
  • She thinks it's Emma who attacked her! Or...Kieran?
  • Yep, your dad thinks it's you Stavo.
  • Noah, do not be blinded by love. Zoe looks terribly suspicious.
  • Or you want to believe she's telling the truth.
  • Wow, so they did get a third chance.
  • 'The Virgin Stabbing' really? REALLY?
  • Piper and Ms Lang were friends.
  • Yeah, you definitely got yourself involved Zoe.
  • Oh wow! The camera was bugged!
  • And on the way to do that, he got killed.
  • Oh I was thinking we hadn't heard from the killer today.
  • You all should've turned right back around and left.
  • It'd be too obvious if Noah died right?
  • Kieran doing his little tell-tale thing again.
  • Haley, what on earth.
  • Can Haley die please?
  • Hey, I got my wish!
  • So not Noah, not Zoe, not Emma, not Audrey.
  • Oh dear.
  • And a mysterious Stavo.
  • Oh my god. Piper's body?!
  • She should be way more decomposed by now surely?
  • Oh Brooke, I really hope you're not in bed with the killer.
  • Bye Haley! You won't be missed!

Huh, so I was totally wrong about Zoe and Noah not getting a third chance! They got it and they made the most of it. If 'The Virgin Stabbing' wasn't foreshadowing Noah getting killed, it certainly was a reference to him having sex with Zoe! It's really interesting that the killer bugged Noah, they clearly know that Noah is always going to be figuring things out in his room. But I'm still not convinced that Zoe wasn't the one to send Emma the recording of Audrey. Noah glossed over her way too quickly considering how much evidence there was against her.

This episode makes Kieran look way too guilty. In fact, I hope they're just trying to fool us into thinking it's him because if it is, they've made it way too obvious. When Haley was being snarky to the group in the school hallway, her eyes lingered on Kieran, and his on her. She would relish in having an affair with Kieran behind Emma's back and that's why he's her 'special friend'. And he doesn't have an alibi at the party when Haley was getting murdered. Emma was with Audrey, Noah was with Zoe, and we explicitly saw both Stavo and Kieran walking around the party alone. I do also have to note that we didn't see Eli in this episode either, so I wouldn't rule him out. But the links between Haley and Kieran are so clear. Maybe she first became involved with him when Emma was out of town and that's why she's been particularly snarky to her and the Lakewood Six. I can't say I'm gonna mourn Haley at all. She was an annoying character and as long as the characters I like stay alive, it doesn't matter to me who's killed.

I don't know if the casual audience are supposed to just assume Kieran's innocent because of him being 'kidnapped' in the funhouse in last week's episode, but there's no reason he couldn't have set that up himself. We never saw him get taken, and him being placed in the killer's costume with a knife taped to him definitely makes him look 100% innocent to the police, plus he's still Sheriff Acosta's little lapdog. I don't want to board the 'Kieran-killer' train, because it's so unoriginal for it to be the boyfriend, but the evidence is overwhelming right now.

There is still a lot to learn in regards to the older generation and what secrets they're hiding as well. We were told by Maggie in season 1 that she doesn't think Brandon James committed the murders. So who did? And are they 'back'? We still need to answer why there's a photo of Emma with a man at the farm with the man's face scratched out. And why someone was pretending to be Riley and sending emails to Emma's dad. It may not even be one of the teenagers that's the killer, I know in a show like this everyone expects it to be, but we have nothing to prove it is.