Scream (MTV) 2x08 'Village of the Damned' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x08 'Village of the Damned' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ooh, creepy Noah podcast start.
  • What on earth? The blood on Audrey?
  • 12 dead? Oh damn.
  • I won't deny Emma kind of has more chemistry with Eli.
  • Of course we couldn't possibly cancel a carnival when there's a murderer about.
  • I'm still loving Audrey and Brooke being close.
  • Ooh, your son is in Ms Lang's tapes too?
  • Bodies!
  • So we can assume Branson definitely didn't make it out.
  • Yikes Eli, a restraining order.
  • Little judgmental Emma? Could've let him explain maybe?
  • Expletive free? I'd be awful in this pageant then.
  • Yeah Zoe, not a great look. A little too 'Belle on a Budget'.
  • Aww, I love when Brooke tries to help people.
  • Stavo, I know I think you're innocent honey, but you sound incredibly shifty.
  • An accident?
  • So...did Stavo's friend die and then he drew him or something?
  • Oh, Kieran's not happy.
  • So there's definitely more in the history of Kieran and Eli.
  • Oh my god, creepy as hell.
  • Well lots of people going to the carnival.
  • You both look so pretty!
  • Oh trust me, I get that public speaking fear.
  • Aww, Brooke sorted out Noah. My little matchmaker.
  • Oh it's Stavo.
  • Stavo, looking a little angry.
  • Stop drinking honey, I don't want your reaction time diminished!
  • Wow Eli, getting grabby.
  • Wow Kieran, one hell of a punch.
  • Oh one of you is probably dying.
  • And Audrey just saw a video of someone in Emma's bedroom.
  • Oh drunken Brooke, oh no.
  • Oh sweetie. Loved loved loved the speech though!
  • Sheriff's going down the Stavo road.
  • I don't think that's from Kieran?
  • Oh no. Told ya.
  • Funhouse of horror!
  • Oh right behind her!
  • It's the police guy!
  • And you're gonna die!
  • Reflection in the mirror, that's creepy.
  • Emma with that gun though!
  • They put Kieran in the costume!
  • Yeah you nearly killed your boyfriend!
  • Whenever they think the killer's lost, the killer does something bad.
  • No interruptions, sure.
  • Zoe, if you have such an issue with Audrey, you clearly can't be with Noah.
  • Don't make me scared for Brooke like that!
  • Oh damn!

Well it was kind of obvious that Emma would hear the recording before Audrey got a chance to tell her. As far as we're aware, Noah and Zoe are the only one's with that recording, and I guess we're meant to think Zoe did it considering she really doesn't like Audrey for indirectly getting between her and Noah. Nasty move I do have to say. And I still really don't trust Zoe.

This episode certainly put the target back on Eli's back with the restraining order and his habit for sneaking into people's bedrooms. But then again, nothing on this show is ever as obvious as they make it out to be and whoever Audrey suspects this week likely has nothing to do with it. First she was all about Stavo being guilty, and now it's potentially Eli. Which means I'm going to have to move on to other suspects.

I don't know who to trust between Kieran and Eli. They're both as shifty and untrustworthy as one another and it would've been a stroke of genius from Kieran if he set out that kidnap and placing him in the killer costume to throw the scent away from himself. It would be BRILLIANT, the Sheriff wouldn't suspect him at all. And Eli clearly knows more about Kieran's past than we've been told (but the reverse can also be said I guess).

Brooke's speech was fantastic, and Carlson Young delivered it heartbreakingly with just the right amount of brutal honesty. The fact that the carnival was still being held when Jake was murdered, Ms Lang 'fell' down the stairs and the police have found two bodies and an arson to cover the evidence, is ridiculous. I honestly hope Brooke's dad hasn't got too much to do with the secret that Sheriff and Maggie were talking about, because I don't want her to be hurt any more. Although hoping that a character in a show about a serial killer is ever not going to get hurt is never a good idea. (Just don't kill Brooke, I beg you!) It's nice that she's feeling closer to Stavo (as long as he's only shifty and not full blown scary), but I still wish it were Audrey she was getting closer to.

I can't help but think after two thwarted attempts at doing the deed that Noah and Zoe are only going to end their story tragically. Either one or both of them die, or one turns out to be the killer. It's just too much of a coincidence, and too ironic that Noah once again will not get a chance to lose his virginity. But you never know, TV series based on a horror film can very much subvert and twist the horror tropes to their liking.

Honestly I don't know if I'm still buying into the 'Emma theory' I've been going on about. While it would definitely be shocking and very interesting, the video that Audrey got of the killer standing over Emma makes me think that it won't be in her head. But seeing her wielding a gun and ready to kill the killer was great after how reluctant she was in the first season when Kieran showed her how to use one. I'm firmly against guns in real life but it was good to see Emma try and take back control of a situation, even if it nearly ended very badly for Kieran.