Girl Meets True Maya (3x07) - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Haha Riley, what on earth. The singing!
  • 'Exactly where I need you to be.' 👀
  • Make your mind up Riles, you made her bad again, this is what happens.
  • Haha, Lucas, my god.
  • So...who's going to be the one that explodes?
  • DOY.
  • Mount Farkleuvius!
  • Lucas that is not a fancy British guy!
  •'re trying a little too hard to be amused? (Not just me that thought that laugh looked fake right?)
  • Oh but Maya, you do know what you like. Everyone's just making you think you shouldn't like what you like.
  • Haha Farkle.
  • Oh Katy.
  • Doy is too cute.
  • 'Deep down Maya's beautiful.'
  • Every once in a while things explode.
  • Sesame twins?
  • Maya will always defend Riley.
  • Hart's got heart sweetie.
  • My little badass angel.
  • Aww, sweet.
  • Love the Wizard of Oz references!

First, sorry this liveblog/discussion is a little late! Been working a lot this weekend on promoting The Vixens and their new music video. Also it felt like most of this episode was set up, much like Jexica was, in regards to setting up lessons for the future. We heard a lot about how eventually a volcano will explode and release that pent-up energy. On the surface we're supposed to believe that the volcano we're expecting to explode is Maya, but the fact that we see Farkle imitating Mount Vesuvius (aka Mount Farkleuvius), proves that this isn't necessarily the case. And it's Riley who is exploding constantly about Maya in this episode, not Maya herself. Every one of these characters is going to explode at some point, it's just nature.

It was a nice contrast to see the crowd that Maya would've likely been a part of had she not met Riley and had that little Riley-influence called Dorothy buried in her. And that Maya's still a little badass and has an edge that proves she's not 'become' Riley (but did she ever really?). The beauty of her vandalising the park with something so beautiful is a fantastic merge of two different parts of her character, the rebelliousness and the beautiful/artistic. Riley continues to annoy me with her immaturity in parts, like her even considering the idea that Maya would steal money from her family and get her mother into trouble, but I'm under the impression that she's going to get a few tough lessons to learn in the future that open her eyes and allow her to grow. 

The references to The Wizard of Oz were very important also. It was established all the way back when Eric Matthews visited that Riley is Dorothy, Lucas is the Scarecrow, Farkle is the Tin Man and Maya is the Cowardly Lion. They're all on a journey to find themselves and learn from one another, and we're all just waiting for them to pull back the curtain and discover there is no Wizard of Oz, they have to grow and learn together. I can't wait to see where the writers are going with this story because it's going to be very interesting to learn what they're teaching, even for someone of my age.