Scream (MTV) 2x07 'Let The Right One In' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x07 'Let The Right One In' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ah, creepy Eli.
  • What the hell? Sneaking around someone's house and eating breakfast?
  • Psst, the Emma theory looks more and more likely.
  • I feel like this isn't going to go well for Noah and Audrey's friendship this season.
  • Zoe is always watching and that worries me.
  • She likes to drive! Haha.
  • Emma and Kieran's issues are not going to be resolved.
  • Yay, Audrey and Brooke sharing screen time.
  • Dark in a good way!
  • Well he doesn't really need the handcuffs any more...
  • Interesting photo...with a face scratched out.
  • Eli, I don't trust you at all.
  • You being away during the whole Piper thing is suspicious, Zoe.
  • And she was lying!
  • And the lonely ones can hold a lot of resentment for being lonely.
  • Good game ignoring the call on a date, Noah.
  • This killer is REALLY good at cleaning stuff up.
  • And the killer is filming again!
  • Can Brooke and Audrey just date please?
  • Ooh, smooth Noah!
  • You can talk to Brooke about locking people places Ms Lang. It doesn't end well.
  • 'We're' worried?
  • I know what you might do Emma...
  • Taking your cousin's girlfriend to dinner?
  • She's recording her?!
  • Why do you have all that stuff Ms Lang?!
  • Oh Noah, please don't fall into another horror cliche of losing your virginity and dying.
  • You're not going to say anything to him to be honest.
  • Oh god, Audrey damn.
  • 'Rebuilding your' what?
  • Oh my god he's alive!
  • Oh now you're not alive!
  • Double murder?!
  • There's no one for you to meet now girls!
  • Oh god.
  • Zoe keep out of things that aren't to do with you maybe?
  • I feel like a few people have alibis in this episode?
  • Oh Audrey you arrived at a bad time!
  • A little dangerous? Hello master manipulator Eli.
  • Make up other lives, like being a killer.
  • Goldilocks-ing?
  • Oh bodies!
  • They're framing you for everything Audrey.
  • Handled that situation?
  • What is going on?
  • I will say Kieran's been a little MIA this episode.
  • Wow fire!
  • Holy crap this is intense!
  • You have a history with the police?
  • And Branson finally dies?

So whilst I was talking about Branson dying last week it seems I was a little premature. I'd say we could safely say he is dead now though? I don't think he'd be able to get out there in the middle of a house fire, stabbed and with one hand. Like wow, he really went through it at the end there. Not that he was a likeable character that deserved to live anyway. Dude should've left after season 1 when Piper was going to frame him instead of sticking around to bribe Jake to get him to leave Brooke alone.

This episode also took a major suspect off my list! Ms Lang! I really liked the theory that she might be the killer with Emma and controlling her because of her psychological issues. But instead she got thrown down the stairs. I was right to think she was shifty though, I've seen some people say it seems like she was writing a book about Emma or the Lakewood Six, which makes sense based on the all the recorded conversations she had in her desk and the files on each of them. Surprisingly though she's not actually dead yet? And this killer got sloppy! Piper was never that sloppy. They didn't realise at all that the janitor would be there and only managed to make it out with Branson rather than frame Audrey for the murders. 

I will say that Zoe rocketed to the top of my list in this episode. I've always had her in my list of suspects but I've never had that much reason to suspect her. She has motive against Audrey in particular, and we know the killer is very much against her too, Noah has notoriously bad luck with romantic interests, meaning she's likely to die or be the killer. Zoe was also missing during Piper's rampage, and she lied about where she was to Noah before he saw through her and she changed her story. She's often watching the Lakewood Six, like in the library previously or Audrey and Noah in this episode, and she was eager to integrate herself into the group. I also think it's significant that she's in the running for Lady of the Lake. But of course, all of this could just be too obvious.

I thought it was interesting that the toy pig came back again, haven't seen that since Jake's murder. And while it obviously links to the farm that Emma remembers from her childhood, I also can't help but link it to the police as well. Now that we know the Sheriff, Maggie and apparently Quinn, Brooke's father, are keeping some sort of secret that the killer knows, I think it has something to do with the secret they're keeping. I've seen many people say that we may not even have seen this killer yet, and while I do think that's possible, I also think it's a little lacklustre to the audience considering we're always suspecting people. I will state that the killer appeared to be taller than Ms Lang, who isn't short, so I agree with people potentially suspecting Kieran considering he was missing for a lot of this episode. But then, Kieran's always a suspect and that would be disappointing to me as well.

I loved the interaction between Brooke and Audrey this episode. I don't deny that I ship them harder than any of the canon couples in the show, I think they have great chemistry and that they'd be really interesting together. It was sweet seeing Audrey supporting Brooke and not wanting to see her hurt, either by Branson, the killer or what the killer would have shown her about Audrey and Jake's body. However I feel like if Brooke found out Audrey's secret it would be incredibly difficult for her to forgive, I just hope her character growth would allow her to do it.