Girl Meets Upstate (3x06) - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ugh, Riley, she's there, she's not gone anywhere.
  • Ah memories.
  • Yeah, what are the odds?
  • Haha, Lucas what did you decide?
  • Yay Shawn!
  • Haha, tea and biscuits. You cutie.
  • Yes, but that doesn't mean you don't grow.
  • Be quiet baby Cory!
  • The clothes were not Maya becoming Riley!
  • Everything Lucas says about Maya is about her, not anything about her being like Riley.
  • Yes, you remember what you wished for.
  • Aww, very extremely fond of her.
  • Maya, you don't need to be middle school you any more.
  • Oh my god, sassy Cory, I'm dead.
  • This is brilliant haha.
  • No, she didn't like Lucas because you like him Riley.
  • Aww, Katy and Topanga.
  • Handshake!
  • Paint fight!
  • That poor teacher haha.
  • The greatest purple cat haha!
  • Lucas has been there for hours!
  • Equally, but not the same Farkle.
  • He didn't pick Riley.
  • Shawn and Katy!!!

I know there will be a lot of people who watched Boy Meets World that might not be very happy with Shawn and Katy because they loved him with Angela, but I haven't watched Boy Meets World (yet!) so the only knowledge I have of Angela is what I saw of her when she visited and what I've been told by Shawn's character. I feel like the result of their relationship is similar to Tom and Summer's relationship in 500 Days of Summer (not that Tom can be compared to Shawn of course!), they weren't supposed to be together forever, their relationship was meant to teach them both something. Angela said 'Let what we had make you ready for something.', and now Shawn's ready for Katy, and by extension Maya, shown by the way he was finally able to express his love for them both.

I've already expressed my opinions on Riley's theory that Maya has become her, and while Riley has certainly been part of why Maya changed and grew, what it was in particular was hope that changed her. The hope that Shawn brought into her life when she let herself believe that maybe she could have what she'd always wanted. A family full of love like Riley's. Maya let go of the anger and resentment she felt about her dad leaving, and began to hope that something she wanted could happen. That, at it's core, is what changed her and allowed her to grow. Just because the hope makes her look a little similar to Riley doesn't mean Maya's lost her edge, she lost a bit of her edge because she was torn up about the triangle and the strain it was putting on the group's friendships, in particular what might become of her relationship with Riley.

Now I need to talk about Lucas. Personally, I think his behaviour has incredible meaning in this episode. When Topanga interrogated him about what he'd decided, his face dropped. Why would his face drop if he'd chosen her daughter? Topanga is pretty terrifying, to hurt her daughter is dangerous. The lovely words he said about Maya to Katy about how she gets her caring feelings from her and that she's a great mother were beautiful, but he didn't even up the stakes with Topanga about Riley like the girls have been making him do since the start of the season. And then there's the moment Maya tells him he picked Riley. That wasn't the face of a guy who was agreeing with what was being said, and he asked Maya what she wanted to do now. If he'd chosen Riley, why would he be asking Maya? He'd be agreeing with Maya and he'd skip off into the sunset with Riley. ...If that were the story being told here, which in my opinion it isn't. I will never say that Riley and Lucas's relationship isn't important, it is. I just don't think it's meant to be a romantic one. And I also don't think that Lucas necessarily has stopped believing he's supposed to be with Riley yet, even if he was going to choose Maya. They need to figure out the Lucas and Riley of it all before anything else is figured out. They need to give it a genuine shot and see if they truly want each other or if they just think they do.

I almost cried with happiness over the proposal at the end there, it was such a sweet moment. Katy being a goofball and kneeling down with Shawn, Maya's dreams coming true right before her eyes, Katy and Shawn finding in one another what they've wanted for so long but not allowed themselves to had. It was beautiful. Yay Shawn and Katy!