Scream (MTV) 2x05 'Dawn of the Dead' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x05 'Dawn of the Dead' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • What's happening is that a dead student's body just fell from the ceiling.
  • Lockdown!
  • Oh no, my baby Brooke!
  • Yes, Jensen you stay!
  • Oh, Emma's been there before. (with Will)
  • Except it's not Piper's accomplice.
  • Emma, breathe.
  • Kieran, why do you never seem fazed?
  • It's wasn't Jake texting Brooke.
  • A cheerleading outfit, wow. Nice going.
  • Zoe doesn't seem at all bothered by killing happening?
  • Wait, who's phone was it buzzing?
  • Eli, what are you doing?
  • The killer is in the school.
  • I mean, the trolling girl is freakin' horrible. Haley.
  • We don't know who the 'final girl' is any more do we?
  • The morbid beautiful? Kind of creepy.
  • Kieran, what are you hiding?
  • 'I'll be right back.'
  • Oh Kieran. A GUN?!
  • Hmm. The sheriff is still suspicious to me.
  • It seems awfully like Eli might've planted that phone.
  • 'Hero walk from the avengers' haha.
  • Damn Emma. Damn Kieran.
  • (Unless Emma's the killer and she doesn't know it.)
  • This sheriff is so freakin' weird.
  • How is it Emma's fault she has been targeted?
  • Oh wow catfight.
  • Oh my poor darling Brooke. She thinks it's her fault because of Seth.
  • It could be the teacher. She knows so much about Emma's triggers.
  • Yes it's happening again Maggie.
  • What on earth is happening around Emma?
  • Oh damn!
  • Whoa.
  • Yeah sure, Brooke can definitely hoist his body up there. She's bloody tiny dude.
  • Audrey, you slipped up.
  • Oh Stavo. I genuinely don't think it's him.
  • That was a whole lotta drama.
  • I would be concerned as to why a teacher thought it was a good idea to lock her in.
  • Noah's gonna look at her phone.
  • Oh Brooke.
  • Oh Audrey, you're so screwed.

Well, the drama has officially been kicked up a notch! I really liked that this episode all took place during lockdown and that so many things happened in a small space. There are so many characters I don't trust that it could really be anyone but Brooke, Audrey, 'Stavo and Maggie for me at this point. I'm becoming more and more in love with the theory that Emma has truly flipped out and has split personalities and doesn't know she's the killer. Obviously if it is her, she has an accomplice, and I feel like that is either Eli (because he watches her constantly and he really wanted to get rid of the phone for her), or the teacher, and the teacher is using Emma and her issues like a puppeteer. It would make perfect sense as to why Jake's phone was in Emma's bag, why she keeps seeing the killer but nothing ever happens to her, and ties in the PTSD and psychological problems she's having to the whole season.

However, I also completely distrust the Sheriff, because he comes across really suspicious, and Kieran is way too unfazed by the killing starting up again, as is Zoe. And I'm not quite ready to let go of my theory that Noah could already know about Audrey and this is a red herring designed to cross him off our lists (the fact that Riley was brought up again this season means I won't be crossing him off until we see him get killed or it's proven to us that he's not involved). 

I really dislike Haley, if she's not involved with the killing, which she very well could be considering she was one of the first people we saw this season when she was 'pranking' Audrey at the movie theatre, she at best is a huge bitch with a chip on her shoulder about how the Lakewood Six (Five) can get away with anything they want. When she said Emma didn't suffer at all I got mad on her behalf, because we've seen her scars, both emotional and physical, and it's not like Emma asked or really did anything to be dragged into this, she was born into it.

I recently just started re-watching season 1, and it's interesting to point out, it felt like we knew more about the killer in the first season right from the start than this season at all. This killer doesn't seem to give away much via phone calls, instead preferring texts and psychological torture with gestures. I am inclined to think that once again, it is not one person working alone. Jake's death didn't require much physicality from the killer, but it feels like hoisting Jake's body up in the banner would have been more physical, as well as dragging his body all around town without getting caught. I saw somebody say on Twitter earlier that they'd like if Brooke was the one to kill the killer this season, and I would absolutely love that considering the pain she's gone through because of the killer. It's almost a shame that I want something romantic to happen between Audrey and Brooke because if Brooke finds out this new killer is going around because Audrey was the accomplice in season 1, I don't think she'll forgive her, but I hope she would.