Scream (MTV) - 2x02 'Psycho' Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) - 2x02 'Psycho' Liveblog + Discussion
  • Good idea Brooke! Go now!
  • Well that's why Emma remembers it, she was there when she was young.
  • Still keeping things aren't you, Maggie?
  • The sound of them breathing puts me so on edge.
  • And it's all gone. Who saw that coming?
  • Yeah I don't think Emma's doing a lot of sleeping.
  • Ah, poor Emma. So traumatised.
  • ...and being followed by a blue car?
  • Oh dear Audrey. Someone saw you with Piper?
  • Nobody will be seeing Jake alive, Brooke.
  • Audrey you're looking a little murdery right now.
  • Zoe seems very compassionate. I hope she's good.
  • The return of bi-curious and the virgin!
  • Erm, who is this guy. He's creeping me out.
  • Wait, what's Brooke's father got to do with this?
  • Kieran's an orphan, cut him some slack!
  • Aww, bless Brooke. Filing a missing person's report for Jake.
  • Creepy to number them like that. Makes it sound awfully like that's the order they'll be killed.
  • Wait. What. Brooke suddenly gets a text from a fake!Jake. This guy is dodgy as hell.
  • Everyone's so sure Emma is crazy. Sigh.
  • Erm, is teach recording this conversation?
  • An app for trigger warnings would be incredibly successful.
  • Oh no, what is the killer doing to Brooke with these fake signs of Jake?
  • CREEPY DUDE. Oh he's Kieran's cousin.
  • I hate hate hate that Brooke keeps getting hurt.
  • She looks so pretty!
  • I mean, you were seeing each other. Before he was gutted.
  • Shouldn't go meeting people alone Noah.
  • Yikes, the dock where it all went down with Piper.
  • Hallucination or not?
  • Well at least they have each other and can understand what each other have been through.
  • OH MAN. Audrey that is creepy as hell.
  • Enjoy it while it lasts Emma. Would Kieran be number 5 on creepy psych class guy's list of the Lakewood Six?
  • Jesus, dude. Give a PTSD girl a heart attack.
  • Well we all saw Audrey getting there before Noah coming.
  • Oh Brooke.
  • What is in there?

So I didn't enjoy this episode quite as much as the premiere, I kind of expected the Jake thing to be revealed a lot quicker for some reason? But I do like that the writers like to build suspense in the show and hold off on everyone finding out that a serial killer is going around for as long as possible.

I felt like there was a little too much Emma and the focus on whether she was crazy or not in this episode. We know what she saw probably was there, but I don't think we needed to see her have about 4 conversations about it, with Maggie, Kieran, Brooke and her teacher. It kind of started to feel like we were watching the same thing over and over again. More of the car following her to build suspense and less of the her talking about her potential psychosis would've been better I think. I did like seeing her revisit the dock and face her fears about Piper, and I liked seeing her be able to connect with Kieran again and that they can confide in each other. But their relationship isn't all that...exciting? (And neither is Kieran's character, let's be honest.) I'm sure the addition of Kieran's aunt and cousin is going to stir up some trouble, especially after the cousin's creepy attitude toward Emma at school, but I'm waiting for them to make me interested in their side of the story.

I feel bad for Brooke. She's always been one of my favourite characters and she's never lucky in love. She finally forgives Jake for their fight and breakup, and thinks he's sorry and wants to be together again, but it's not even him. He's been dead for two days. It seems like an awfully creepy coincidence that creepy Sheriff's son, Gustavo, was talking about Jake right before Brooke went to file a missing person's report and suddenly she gets a text from the killer, posing as Jake. But y'know, killers in the Scream series are never supposed to be really obvious, and they've done nothing but make Gustavo out to be a creep with a fascination with horror.

Man, Audrey's story might've been one of the best parts of this episode. We had the return of annoying prankster girl and when Audrey went after her I genuinely believed she could kill her if she had the motivation. That was some damn fine acting from Bex. The moment when she rang the guy that worked at the motel where Piper stayed and used a voice-app to pretend to be the killer was brilliant. It was both horrifying and pretty cool to see her on that side of things. I said after the first episode I wouldn't be surprised if Noah was the killer and had already figured out that Audrey was the accomplice, but if that's not at all accurate, he definitely got one step closer to figuring her out this week when the motel guy told him it was a woman.

I did think for a few minutes that the locker would turn out to be completely empty, but as it got closer and closer to the end of the episode I knew it wouldn't be that anticlimactic. Audrey opens the locker and the first thing we see are a bunch of hanging air fresheners, why do I think this killer isn't as suave or precise as Piper was? They just appear...weaker to me? They didn't give Jake any chance to fight them back or run away and air fresheners just come across as a little...amateur to me. And there's Jake's body, gutted and with an implication to Audrey placed on his body. I'm not sure how she's going to get out of this one? You remove the note and you're tampering with evidence and potentially putting your fingerprints on it, although I'd be hopeful that Audrey would be smart enough to wear gloves. I don't know how she'll deal with this. Will she remove the note and then wait for Noah to find the body in the morning?