Girl Meets High School Part 2 (3x02) - Liveblog + Discussion

  • I love it so much when Riley calls Maya 'Peaches'
  • Ah, passing out from crying. Been there. You really are growing up honey.
  • 'What a nice surprise!' 😂
  • Lucas stop hurting Zay haha
  • Not the best technique going into the locker room there boys!
  • Maya's mobster voice ❤️
  • Cloning. Okay then.
  • And a robot...
  • Imaginary dog!
  • Ah, to become a small fish in a big pond after being a big fish in a small pond.
  • Yeah, you did abandon them.
  • Oh Lucas and Farkle. My boys feel bad.
  • I like these duets!
  • Hello seniors!
  • Separating friendships can definitely happen.
  • Ah the triangle theme continues. Hahaha! And even the seniors haven't figured out that one yet!
  • Aww, I love Ava and Auggie.
  • I like the symbolism of Maya saying she'll look at Lucas however she wants to.
  • And I really like how they got back together as a group, it felt authentic and not sugar-coated.
  • I'm really enjoying Cory's lesson here.
  • Marly, I like ya!
  • Legacy.

Although I didn't enjoy this episode quite as much as I did the first part, I think I enjoyed it a lot more on my second time through it. It resolved many of the conflicts the group established in the first part (except that damn triangle but that isn't getting resolved just yet, especially considering ye wise olde seniors haven't figured it out either!). I actually think my favourite part of the episode was Riley and Maya's first scene in the hole, the contrast between sadness and comedy there was spot on and both Sabrina and Rowan really nailed their performances. The girls had a much clearer idea that things could go wrong when they got to high school, whereas Lucas, Zay, Farkle and Smackle were unprepared for just how drastically they were to become 'small fish' in their respective fields. They got massacred, as Cory would say.

The key idea to take away from this episode is loyalty and sticking together. Thankfully with a little push from the seniors, Maya and Riley realised that the rest of the group weren't still mad at them, but they were too ashamed to come back and apologise. The girls do their best when they work together and the scene with the whole gang together at Topanga's was adorable. I could do without another re-hash of the 'Still like him?' because we get it, the triangle keeps going, but I like that Riley ended that scene by saying 'I like us all.'. The triangle is not the be-all and end-all, the friendships are. How these kids grow together will always be more important than 'who ends up with who'. 

These first episodes of the season did a great job in beginning to establish the new friendship group. Previously Smackle and Zay were a little in and out of the story but I enjoyed what they brought to the group dynamics. I'd love to see more interaction between say...Maya and Smackle, or Zay and Riley. I'd like to see different friendships explored now that all these kids are in one place and are very much established as a sextet rather than just a foursome (even though the opening credits suggest otherwise).

I enjoyed seeing Lucas and Farkle's revelations and explanations to Zay and Smackle about just how wrong what they did was by abandoning the girls. If you look back to Girl Meets Bay Window, they promised that nothing would change once they got to high school and they didn't even make it a day before everything collapsed. Friendships take work, they're important but they're also incredibly fragile. If one gets neglected it's pretty hard to come back from, people change and they do so more quickly than they realise, so growing apart can happy pretty drastically too. But if you keep your wits about you and work at that loyalty, maybe you might not get massacred, or at least there'll be someone to pick up the pieces with you if you do.