Girl Meets High School Part 1 (3x01) - Liveblog + Discussion

Girl Meets High School Part 1 (3x01) - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Haha, I love Riley and Maya taking out their duplicates with the door.
  • Ah, Smarkle (Farkle/Smackle). I'm still not completely on board with their relationship but I love Smackle being part of the group now.
  • 'You know who goes to our high school? Thor.' 😂
  • Ah, the senior version of our dear triangle. You're gonna be important.
  • Smackle completely taken out by the mob of kids, poor thing.
  • I love the call back to Farkle's 'in certain circumstances apparently I can fly!'
  • New opening! Yay! It's so cute! (I'm a big fan of the dynamics highlighted in this opening, let me tell ya.)
  • Not often Maya's intimidated but she's definitely intimidated by the seniors.
  • Ah Lucas, bless you for trying to defend your group.
  • Zay, you catch on quick buddy.
  • Oh Ava, don't worry, Auggie's never gonna break your heart.
  • Marly, you might be an interesting addition to the classroom.
  • Ha, triangle. Got an unresolved theme going here.
  • Your survival depends on loyalty. Listen to Cory guys.
  • We need to stop the 'equally as much' thing girls.
  • Girl Meets World really like their blonde/brunette friendship duos don't they?
  • The 'girlfriendses' may be the closest Disney has ever got to polyamory. God knows that idea might solve a lot of these kids problems.
  • Zay you may not be complicated right now, give it time.
  • 'I wanna be in the triangle!' Oh Smackle, give it time.
  • Lucas's 'Don't look at me.' was just too cute haha
  • I'm enjoying Lucas's character development.
  • Riley, you believe Lucas could ride a bull but not be on the football team? Pickin' and choosin' when to believe in people aren't we?
  • 'Who are we?' And we go back to one of the very first concepts we had in this show. Bad things happen when you don't know who you are.
  • And then it was just Riley and Maya.
  • Ava, honey, I feel so bad for you.
  • 'Growing up is hard.' Ain't that the truth.
  • 50,000 times. 😂
  • It's your place? Erm, sorry guys but Riley's family own this place!
  • Riley didn't ruin your first day Farkle. She was just completely herself.
  • Riley and Farkle getting intense!
  • 'We don't leave.'
  • Ava and Maya making me bawl, good start to the season!

The writers of Girl Meets World are going in deep to start this season! I did not expect things to get that intense that quickly, or that sad. When I was first watching through the show a few months ago, I did at times find Ava a little annoying, but good comic relief. This episode completely changed my opinion of her. I felt so sorry for the poor little girl and her scene with Maya at the end of the episode made me cry a lot even though I can't directly relate to their situations (I'm big on empathy, can you tell?). And I always love it when Girl Meets World makes me cry, it proves to me that it's more than a 'Disney' show, it's a family show, it can make you laugh but it can also pull at your heartstrings, and I think that and it's great range of talent is why it appeals to an audience far outside the realm of a normal Disney show.

It was really interesting to see how Lucas's character in particular tackled high school. He's always been a bigger guy, he's always been big on protecting his friends, and he's mostly been pretty agreeable when things happen. That all changed in this episode. He was unable to protect his friends and started having a bit of an identity crisis. He got into the biggest fight he's ever had with Riley because she believed people she'd just met (who let's be honest, at first glance you would assume were just messing with the freshman because they were older) and did what they told her to, and he wanted to pave his own way through high school and learn by making his own mistakes. I'm intrigued to see the resolution to this story in the second part of the episode and what the hole taught them about themselves and their friendships. I particularly disagree with Farkle disregarding his loyalty to Riley and Maya so easily, especially after he and Lucas promised to stick by them in Girl Meets Bay Window. Lucas's leaving was more understandable because Riley's comment regarding him getting killed by the football team directly contradicted her opinion of him in Texas when she undoubtedly believed he could ride the bull. I applaud the show for keeping the core friendship of Riley and Maya together though, despite Maya's doubts about whether the seniors did have good intentions, she stuck by her girl because she believes in Riley wholeheartedly. No matter what these girls come up against socially, romantically, or otherwise, they will be the true endgame of this show.

It's funny seeing people that don't watch the show react to the 'Girlfriend equally as much' part and actually think polyamory may be taking place on a Disney show! It's awkward because this is just the writers stalling on the plot point until they can make some sort of resolution to the damn triangle (not that I think any resolution they're going to bring us in the first half of this season is gonna stick, ahem), but let's be honest, polyamory, or at least less of a focus on being boyfriend and girlfriend and monogamy would solve a lot of these teenager's problems. They should take a step back, see where their relationships individually take them, maybe date a little, stop the 'equally' thing like Riley making Maya fight with Lucas just because she is and come to a natural conclusion. I'm currently making my second watch-through of the show because I'm introducing other people to it and you pick up on so much more when you can look at some chosen words and actions in hindsight.

I really enjoyed seeing Cory's advice to Ava about people changing when they grow and that all you can do is hope for the best and Maya saying that you shouldn't blame yourself for the choices other people make. These are important life lessons that I need to hear even at my age. I've grown apart from people and that's because something's changed in the relationship and it's not necessarily anybody's 'fault', it's just something that happens in life and you have to deal with it in the best way you can.

I'm really looking forward to what this season brings and how these characters develop now they're in high school. It's my favourite show currently airing and I hope I'm prepared for the laughs, tears, anger, heartbreak and more that this show is gonna subject me to in Season 3. Join me back here for my views on Girl Meets High School Part 2!