Girl Meets Triangle (3x05) - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Oh, the hole is back!
  • You really like orange shoes right Riley?
  • Control yourself screaming girl!
  • Oh my god, you're all messes.
  • Sage. I appreciate that joke, writers.
  • Well that's hope they never end up like those girls.
  • Farkle grows taller each episode I swear!
  • Riley, you're in high school, stop painting with your hands.
  • It's her feelings, they're a mess.
  • Riley, stop getting involved.
  • Find your voice, Maya.
  • Riley, please stop talking for her, she can talk for herself.
  • Riley, she wants to sort out the Lucas thing because that's part of why her feelings are a mess.
  • Maya is missing in a way, but I'm not keen on Riley being oblivious to the way Maya's grown, not changed, grown.
  • And I don't want Maya's growth to go away.
  • Ah, testing his feelings about them both.
  • Just because Riley was first doesn't make her the right choice.
  • Maya will always sacrifice for Riley. Sigh.
  • Why isn't she allowed to get good grades Riley?
  • Never get more than one line haha.
  • Ah Katy, you're trying.
  • So this is...Riley influencing Maya so much that she's losing who she is?
  • Lucas.
  • Those aren't bad things Riley!
  • Ooh, that got deep.
  • Oh, I love Monet! Monet's always been one of my favourites.
  • It was a purple cat.
  • I wish we knew who he picked!

I'm going to be honest here, I'm really annoyed with Riley due to this episode. I know she has good intentions, she almost always does, but what she did in this episode was very damaging to Maya. If you look beyond the surface of the 'Maya becoming Riley', you'd see that wasn't really true at all. Go back to what the art teacher says, and note that he asks Maya what her influences are. Her biggest influence is Riley, and by extension Cory, Topanga, and her other friends. One of the biggest lessons this show has taught us is 'People change people.', and yet suddenly because Maya's changed more than Riley has, or in more exact terms, Maya's grown more than Riley has, it puts their friendship off balance.

Maya is not 'becoming Riley', and for Riley to even insinuate at one point that Maya likes Lucas because she does is not only invalidating Maya's feelings, but completely missing the mark of Maya's actual problem. Riley states that the real Maya would be putting up a fight to the things she says, but would she really? Like Lucas says, Maya pushed Riley on the subway and gave her that chance with Lucas because 'that's who Maya is'. Maya will put Riley first over and over again, even if she gets hurt in the process. Maya doesn't 'lose her voice', the art teacher retracts his initial judgement and tells her that actually she's 'screaming' in her art. She's screaming because the triangle is putting so much strain on her relationship with Riley, and Riley won't talk it out and let it be resolved. Lucas wants to make a decision. Maya wants to make a decision and have Lucas's opinion be included. It's just Riley that isn't letting a decision take place. Riley's projecting her insecurities over her not knowing who she is if Maya's changed, and trying to remove Maya from the triangle by making it seem like Maya only likes Lucas because she's 'becoming Riley'. Similar to how in 'Jexica' Riley said that if Lucas liked Jexica the triangle would be over, despite the fact that Jexica was really her and therefore he'd be choosing her and not Maya. I'm absolutely 100% positive that this isn't Riley's intention, she actually thinks she's helping Maya, but she's wrong.

Yes, Maya has been too influenced by Riley and the dressing alike needs to stop. Maya needs reminding of who she is, but that isn't 'standing on teacher's desks' and 'getting detention' anymore. Maya started to grow once she started to let hope into her life, when she believed she could do better. Ironically if Lucas had known what was going on with Maya and Riley in this episode, I think he could've reminded Maya of who she is, just like Farkle did for Riley in 'Permanent Record'. All she needed was a nudge, not to be dragged back to middle school. But by the time we get back to the art class, it's too late. Instead of being able to realise that the purple cat in amongst Maya's painting was because the bench reminded her of a moment the girls shared (as shown by the photo in the Matthew's house), it was taken to mean that Maya's become Riley.

I also have to mention how much I enjoyed Lucas, Farkle and Zay with the jellybean decision game. I truly believe Lucas right now doesn't know how to make good decision between Riley and Maya, all he knows is he doesn't want them to be hurt and that he has feelings for both. I've read a lot about how perception/reality is an important theme in Girl Meets World and I do believe that right now, Lucas would choose Riley, because he believes the universe is telling him that they should be together. I don't believe that's going to last forever though. Lucas kept bringing Maya back into the equation even though he could've easily left it at 'It's always been Riley', his heart wants Maya just as much. Oh these poor kids, I'm so glad I never had a love triangle to deal with at school.