Scream (MTV) 2x04 'Happy Birthday To Me' - Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) 2x04 'Happy Birthday To Me' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Oh Audrey, you can't bury your problems away!
  • I'd buy that was Kieran dying if it wasn't so early in the episode.
  • Yep, it was a nightmare.
  • Audrey just got stabbed in her own bed?!
  • Holy crap. Okay!
  • Birthday's are always dramatic in horror.
  • Stop shouting at Emma, she can't handle all this domestic mess.
  • I mean, Kieran's cousin has been out all night, that makes him a little suspicious.
  • How has this town been good to you?! Your father was murdered!
  • Oh Brooke baby, that's not why he's not talking to you.
  • Oh is everyone finally gonna find out that there's a killer again?
  • Creepy cousin wants to work with Emma, and is now infiltrating Kieran's birthday.
  • Yes Emma, Kieran is totally the party type. Do you know your boyfriend at all?
  • Be someone else, like a killer?
  • They're making 'Stavo way too obvious.
  • Audrey, pull the fire alarm to check Stavo's stuff did ya?
  • Yep yep yep.
  • Yeah Stavo that doesn't look good...
  • Ah, Brooke's dad knows the sheriff. Interesting.
  • Brooke fixes your awful dating game as usual, Zoe and Noah!
  • Wow, the killer is even calling Jake in sick?
  • How long til Kieran dies and she moves on with his cousin?
  • So the killer has money then. If the tequila cost that much.
  • That wasn't the answer to the question Emma.
  • Oh Emma baby, you're getting drunk!
  • Zoah? Is that what we call them?
  • Yeah this isn't exactly the birthday Kieran wanted.
  • Eli's a jerk.
  • Was the tequila blood?!
  • Oh, were they just drugged?
  • Truth serum, kinda?
  • This is freaky!
  • Everyone's hallucinating this is so weird!
  • Killing animals is the first sign...
  • This is so interesting!
  • Rachel!
  • Erm, Noah and Audrey...
  • Three way kissing.
  • Holy what?
  • Following children, especially hallucinated ones, is never a good idea Emma.
  • Actual killer or?
  • Oh my god, actual killer! Run Emma!
  • Aww, Emma's dad is a mess but I don't think he's evil.
  • Trash goes out, Dad looks at drawings...
  • Erm, Stavo why do you have that mask?
  • Noah, you don't have the best track record with girls. I have a feeling it won't end well with Zoe.
  • Ooh, truth bombs from Zoe...
  • Oh I hope Stavo's a good guy. I don't want Brooke hurt again.
  • Oh okay Eli. Kieran doesn't believe her so you suddenly do.
  • Yes Emma, well done! He is being sketchy as hell.
  • Oh my god. Brooke just got Carrie'd with Jake's dead body.

This was a super interesting episode! I kind of expected Kieran to just get killed at his birthday party to be honest, but the hallucinogenic drug thing was way more interesting. It was great to see how it affected all of the characters in different way. Brooke was seeing Jake and him saying she wasn't over him while Stavo tried to calm her down. Audrey saw Rachel and apologised, saying it was her fault for her dying. Noah's true feelings about Audrey came out? So...he's not really that into Zoe, he's actually into Audrey but she's not into him. And I don't think Emma was hallucinating the killer obviously, if she was they probably would've disappeared after she closed her eyes. But then again, she does suffer from PTSD pretty badly, so you never know. The best twist to this season would be if Emma was so incredibly messed up from what happened in season 1 that she's actually the killer, that her brain is so messed up that she's actually developed multiple personalities and the Emma we see doesn't know the other one, the killing one, exists. I suppose that would mean there'd have to be more than one killer again, considering the killer threatened Emma to Audrey.

But the big red flag in this episode was towards Eli, Kieran's cousin. We know he was out all night when the killer dug up the corkscrew Audrey buried, snuck into her house and left it in her bed. We know he's sketchy, and seems to be really into Emma romantically, which could well be the reason for the newspaper clippings of her that the killer has. We saw that he didn't seem that affected by the drugged tequila, so he could've been the killer chasing Emma in the woods, and Kieran revealed that he stole a dog as a kid and it ended up dead. And if you know a little about serial killers, you know it's a common thing that they start by killing animals before they move on to humans. 

I genuinely believe now that Stavo is a good guy. A little creepy, sure. A little obsessed with the Lakewood Six, yes. But that doesn't necessarily make him the killer. Like Noah said, the creepy loner is the obvious choice, but not always the right one, they get a bad reputation. I really hope Stavo's a good guy because he's getting closer to my girl Brooke, and despite the fact that she's suffered enough, I know her suffering this season is only just beginning now she knows about Jake (and was covered in his blood as his body fell from the banner). She's always been one of my favourite characters in the show and I really hope she makes it out of this season alive, even if she won't be okay after Jake. I think it's interesting that her father knows the sheriff and got him the job. I'm not done with suspecting the sheriff yet, considering he has a history with Lakewood and was probably around when the Brandon James saga was going on. The best way to throw the scene off of yourself is by being the one who's supposed to be trustworthy and helping people.

I can't wait to see what's to come this season now that the fact that there's another killer is out in the open. Up until now it's just been the killer and Audrey, but now I'm sure things are going to start getting a lot bloodier, at a much faster pace.