Scream (MTV) - 2x01 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) - 2x01 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ah, the classic 'unknown' to start the season

  • Butterscotch?!

  • Yes, your attic ladder is down, Butterscotch did that...

  • Wow Becca!


  • Noah I'm not convinced you had nothing to do with those texts.

  • Audrey is this season's target but we already knew that.

  • Selfie with a murder survivor, this generation I swear.

  • Well this is all very creepy, get outta there Audrey.

  • Well she's dead (or not...)

  • This all kicked off very quickly!

  • You morons.

  • There is nothing funny about attacking people that survived a serial killer guys.

  • Desperate act of self defence, bitch.

  • I love that they're close now! (The 'Lakewood Six', but really I'm just talking about Brooke and Audrey.)

  • Ah Brooke. You can do so much better than Jake.

  • Emma! You're back!

  • Aww, that hug was kinda sweet.

  • There is no normal, Emma.

  • Noah, you're cockblocking haha.

  • It unnerves me that Noah's podcast keeps getting mentioned after the podcast last season.

  • Oh dear Audrey.

  • 'Never read the comments section' ain't that the truth!

  • Ah, Brooke and Jake. This isn't going to end well.

  • Poor Emma. How to be normal when nothing will ever be normal again.

  • Those are...strange noises.

  • Erm. Creepy barn. Okay.

  • Flies, never a good sound.

  • Pigs are a theme then?

  • ALSO YIKES JAKE. You're screwed.

  • I'm still all over wanting Brooke and Audrey to happen.

  • It was good and then it wasn't. Oh Emma.

  • Aww, Audrey and Emma holding hands.

  • Boys are not iPhones. Ah Brooke, I love ya.

  • Noah likes Zoe then.

  • Huh. Sheriff's son. Interesting.


  • Little cold Kieran?

  • Killing never ends.

  • 'Noah come back here with my phone!' 😂

  • Oh Jake, you're still alive.

  • Motion sensor? Video camera?

  • Don't treat it like a prank. It's not a prank.

  • I'm still not sure it's not Noah. But maybe that's too obvious.

  • You always cared Brooke. You just didn't let anyone know it.

  • Audrey lied so easily about not getting any more texts since school.

  • I like that they're talking about the 'final girl' trope.

  • Jake you gon' die.

  • Oh it won't be as simple as that Emma.

  • Can't blame you, Brooke. I wouldn't wanna be there either.

  • Gross. Okay. Bye Jake.

  • Oh my god. That's bad Audrey.

  • And the obsession with Emma continues.

Interesting start to the season! This premiere really set Audrey up as the main character of the season to me instead of Emma? Emma got more screen time as the episode went on, clearly somebody's still creepily obsessed with her, but it didn't completely feel like she was the 'Final Girl' anymore? I'm not so sure Emma's going to make it to the end of the season alive based on that premiere. I do like the story being more focused on Audrey though. I know she was an accomplice to Piper but I don't think she actually killed anybody, but whoever this killer is knows all about her history with Piper.

I really loved that they started this season in a similar way to the Scream 2. Whilst in Scream 2 it quickly became obvious that we were watching a movie of what happened in Scream, 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' created a movie that is exactly the same as what the Scream killers do, but with characters different enough that you didn't immediately know it was a fake set-up (it actually reminded me a little of the beginning of Scream 4 too). And I loved the hilarity of the character calling for her pet 'Butterscotch!', classic Scream humour. I also really enjoyed the twist of Audrey being attacked by pranksters and her stabbing the guy, that's super realistic. Lots of kids these days pull inane, thoughtless pranks and I'm glad these idiots got their comeuppance and that the Sheriff was on Audrey's side. I loved the callback to Audrey once again breaking the internet at the start of the season, but this reason was much more fun and made her out to be a total badass rather than a victim of high school drama gossip. I also like the online trolling angle of there being a group of people against Audrey because she killed Piper, but it's interesting that Noah's podcast was where the prankster trolls met isn't it? Shouldn't his podcast be firmly on the Lakewood Six's side?

This episode to me set up quite a few people I'd consider suspects. Noah is the big one. Despite how much I like him, the fact that he has a podcast about the murders after Piper's podcast last season seems suspect, and his huge conspiracy wall is elaborate and brings up red flags for me. If he's so involved in investigating, has such an obsession with horror movies and is so sure Piper had an accomplice, couldn't he have already come to the conclusion of it maybe being Audrey? The fact that he was always 'nearby' whether location-wise or in the story when Audrey was getting messages and phone calls unnerves me and makes me think it's him. He certainly has motive considering his new girlfriend Riley was murdered last season, and betrayal from your best friend hurts more than from a stranger. The fact that the text that Audrey received that says 'THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR BAD BEHAVIOUR' sits bold and big on his investigation board is sure to be important, right? But I'm wondering if that seems a little too obvious this early on in the season?

The new boy, that Wikipedia tells me is called Gustavo, the new Sheriff's son, has an obsession with horror and serial killers and created a creepy drawing of Emma covered in blood while in class. But again, he seems too obvious. I do make a connection between him, his father and the killer especially because of the reoccurring images of pigs though. With pig being wildly known as slang for police it draws me to believe either Gustavo or his father, the new Sheriff, have something to do with this. At least until we get more context on the symbolism from Emma unravelling her dreams (and I like the 'Dream' concept they created as a theme in class in this episode). Wikipedia also tells me that the new sheriff grew up in Lakewood, so he may well have ties back to the Brandon James of it all. 

Now, let's get to the juicy part that some people may not like my opinion on. Our first death of the season. Jake Fitzgerald. I'm sorry to say I've never been interested in Jake. I don't know if it's the way his character is written, or the acting, or that he seems like nothing more than a douchey jock stereotype to me. I've never been particularly interested in his relationship with Brooke, I think she deserves someone that will allow her story to flourish, rather than be a stagnant high school cliche. In fact, during season 1 I kept either waiting for him to be killed off, or waiting for him to be revealed as the killer. When neither of those happened, I completely lost interest in his character. But I appreciate that his death is going to be a good catalyst for Brooke's storyline this season, and I'm sorry that his death wasn't more... heroic? I would've liked to have seen some final moment character progression rather than being strung up like a pig (there it is again!) and gutted.

Whist the Scream TV series is trashy, I think it's trashy in a good way. The Scream films are pure satire and the series captures a similar tone, it may not be executed as well as the movies, but it's an enjoyable ride and I'm looking forward to what the rest of season 2 brings.