Scream (MTV) - 2x03 'Vacancy' Liveblog + Discussion

Scream (MTV) - 2x03 'Vacancy' Liveblog + Discussion
  • Audrey what are you gonna do about dead Jake?!
  • Damn Audrey. This isn't good. Your fingerprints might be on his clothes.
  • Do you sleep any night Emma?
  • Audrey, are you suspecting Emma's dad...?
  • You're all kinda damaged to be fair.
  • Keeping secrets again Maggie!
  • You are so far from fine Emma.
  • Jake might not be there now...?
  • Told ya!
  • God, only Audrey knows Jake's dead.
  • Cameras, cameras everywhere Audrey. You're screwed.
  • Yes, he is literally so dead Brooke.
  • Eli, your cousin is literally an orphan. Talking about punching your deadbeat dad in the face, little callous.
  • Screwing with the girl that's traumatised is fun. Okay.
  • Audrey, what the hell?
  • This is bad.
  • What on earth. Riley's dead! Deader than dead!
  • Was that really Branson?
  • Yikes Audrey, take it out on Emma why don't you?
  • What's the harm? Someone is pretending to be a murdered girl!
  • Keeping things from Emma really isn't the best idea.
  • Wow. Emma's dad getting grabby.
  • I'm worried that isn't her dad sending that message.
  • Is the killer using Emma's dad's name?
  • You might be about to die dude.
  • Dayum. That was a hard hit.
  • Oh gross. That was really violent.
  • Well Gustavo isn't wrong Noah. You are putting a target on your back.
  • Aww, Brooke the matchmaker.
  • Ah, Of Mice and Men. The memories.
  • I love that Brooke takes everyone by the arms.
  • What is he doing back?
  • Potentially stalking her yes.
  • Well he had a motive to kill Jake.
  • Old dude. Hahaha.
  • Well Stavo, you're good at playing a role.
  • She thought those flowers were from Jake. Oh Brooke.
  • Oh god Emma. This isn't good.
  • And every trace has gone.
  • Newspapers. Door close. CREEPY BATHROOM LIGHT.
  • Oh good lord.
  • Saved by a domestic!
  • Emma's dad is drunk. Lovely.
  • Nope. Wasn't him.
  • Wow. That wasn't a small thing.
  • Quick lying there Audrey.
  • Oh Audrey, you're in quite the mess.

Well that was certainly more action-packed than last week's instalment! And it was back to feeling like Audrey was the main character again? I'm confused. Is it Emma, Audrey or both of them playing lead right now? Because the more we focus on Audrey, the more I believe that Emma can die, I was even worried for her for a second in the motel room despite the fact that she has way too many storylines going on right now to be killed off just yet.

Speaking of storylines, Kieran has literally none right? His cousin Eli has more to do with Emma and the plot than Kieran does. Kieran, I think your days are numbered.

With the return of Branson, and Brooke finding out that it was actually him that left her the flowers, another potential killer enters the fray. We know Branson would have a motive to kill Jake considering he apparently knew him and Brooke were an item. And the fact that he said he's seen Brooke even though she hasn't seen him came across very stalker-y. I still maintain that Noah would be the most interesting culprit, considering that would be the biggest betrayal for Audrey, but as he was at the movies with Gustavo, Zoe and Brooke when the killer was stabbing the life out of the motel guy, I feel like that's unlikely. Come to think of it, Branson was there too, so unless he got out of there quickly, it wouldn't be him either? Unless there's more than one killer of course. 

It was good to have some background on Emma's dad and why he left. Poor Maggie, she has her reasons for keeping her secrets and she hasn't had an easy life, but she always has to take all the slack for keeping secrets. No wonder she didn't want to tell Emma that her dad broke her jaw and was a violent drunk. I also wasn't expecting him to have shown up because 'Riley' was emailing him? What even? How did he also not look up to see which of Emma's friends were alive or dead? It wouldn't have been hard to find out dude! But bringing Riley back into the picture again leads me back to Noah, no one cared as much about her death as he did considering she was his love interest.

I can't believe we're 3 episodes in and only Audrey knows that people are getting killed again. She just has way too much to deal with, and the killer is slowly but surely framing her for every murder as well as threatening her friends. I really like her being the centre point of the story this season because as likeable as she is, she then does something scary. Was she really going to hit Noah over the head if that file had shown her on camera? Or was she just going to smash his computer? Audrey, adding to the body count isn't going to get you out of this. In fact, I don't know how you're gonna get out of this, but I can't wait to see you try.