Girl Meets Jexica (3x03) - Liveblog + Discussion
  • O...kay. Why did Riley sound really mean when she said Lucas wouldn't be one of Maya's five husbands?
  • Yes Maya, embrace that Penelope!
  • I always hate 'interests' as a concept to show who you are to people. I feel like people judge that part the most, especially if it's not full of sports or conventionally exhilarating activities
  • Haha. Okay over dramatic Riley!
  • Butch Cassidy and the SUNDANCE Kid. Get it? Get it? (No? It's one of Maya's nicknames for him.)
  • I LOVE that Zay's favourite movie is The Notebook.
  • Hello Jexica.
  • This is almost like a catfishing storyline.
  • Does anyone else always sing the theme tune or is it just me?
  • I feel like they need some separate classes though. 
  • 'We only know five guys.'
  • Riley, why do you need them (Lucas) to like Jexica better than Maya? Riley please stop.
  • Oh Auggie. Scam scam scam.
  • Topanga's hair is so pretty.
  • Haha, that flashback.
  • 'Not me.'
  • Oh my god, Maya is killing me in the bay window alone.
  • Maya knows Lucas knows.
  • 'Oh look she's marching.'
  • Well at least you know something's gonna go wrong and you're gonna learn a lesson Riley...
  • Auggie baby, you're so gullible.
  • Everyone is Jexica haha. I AM SPARTACUS.
  • Wikipedia!
  • Haha, poor tired Lucas. (Seriously, stop the equal treatment thing!)
  • Aww, Corpanga are goals.
  • Wait, Ava, what?! 
  • Oh, it was a dream, I was shocked there for a moment.
  • So Riley realised she had to be herself, but the Internet was still a major distraction at the end there.

I won't pretend I like the concept of this episode too much. I feel like we've been here before with Riley not being herself and she should know by now that people are going to love her no matter what, and she has an incredible group of friends that will stick by her. I understand one of the biggest weaknesses of her character is insecurity and caring too much what others think of her, but if I had the friendship group she does when I was that age I'd be ecstatic and wouldn't care that much about impressing people and making new friends.

I know there are 'jokes' in this show where the characters, particularly Maya and Riley make mean-ish comments to one another in jest. But this episode they actually felt genuinely mean as opposed to humourous? I didn't like who Riley was in this episode and usually she's wonderful. It wasn't even entirely the Jexica issue that turned Riley meaner, she started off the episode mean by the way she snidely expressed that Lucas wouldn't be one of Maya's five husbands. She continued when she was adamantly suggesting that the boys, but particularly Lucas, liked Jexica more than Maya. Why did she go to that immediately? I know Maya and Riley love each other, but it felt very snide from Riley in this episode. Why was she so focused on Lucas liking Jexica and how that would solve the triangle because he wasn't liking Riley or Maya, he was liking Jexica instead. But Jexica IS Riley, in every way except for her 'unique' style, so she was again trying to say that Lucas likes her more than Maya (but let me point out the fact that it was Maya that immediately realised that Lucas knew Jexica was Riley). It feels like this episode is building to something big in the future.

An interesting thing to point out in this episode was how much the segment when the students were talking about Jexica directly into the camera was exactly the same as how the students talk about Regina George (and later Cady) in Mean Girls. They are idolising somebody that doesn't deserve to be idolised (Regina because she's mean, and Jexica because she's fictional) and as soon as the next thing comes along, they don't give a damn any more (like when they seamlessly replace Regina with Cady). This episode just gave me a bad vibe in some ways and there wasn't a true lesson learned by the end, whilst Riley learned that she shouldn't pretend to be someone else, the episode ended with Maya and Riley watching the another internet sensation video and showed that they were still being led and swayed by online flash-in-the-pan content. I feel like this episode is going to lead into a lot of other lessons this season as we watch these characters grow and develop, because it definitely didn't feel like everybody learned what they were supposed to by the end.