Teen Wolf 6x03 'Sundowning' - Discussion

Teen Wolf 6x03 'Sundowning' - Discussion


This episode was sadly a bit of a let down. After the character-focused and reflective nature of the previous episode, a slow moving episode was not the best idea to keep the tension of pace of the season up. This is especially the case when it felt like we already knew the climax to the 'high drama' scenes with the Ghost Rider at the party considering Liam's 'Everybody saw him.' line has already been in promotional material, basically ruining one of the most dramatic moments of the episode when Cory made the Ghost Rider visible to everyone.

What also didn't come across that well was Scott having a revelation of 'Maybe he was my best friend.' about Stiles in the conversation with the Sheriff and Claudia, when he'd already had that revelation in the woods in the previous episode. It felt like some of it was being rehashed for no reason. Although I did enjoy seeing Stiles's grandfather and a little bit more backstory from his family (although believe me, don't think how about both Stiles's grandfather on his father's side and his mother had dementia and how likely it is for him to inherit that someday because it's super sad). It's a shame that the pac weren't there to hear the words 'Go back to your dead wife and your loser son!', because they may have taken it to mean more than the incoherent ramblings of an ill man, when in fact it was the most important thing he said. I would hope the words would make an impact on the Sheriff and make him think about things, but he's likely going to be so unwilling to believe them considering it would mean Claudia is dead. Speaking of Claudia, I get really bad vibes from her. I don't believe she's really alive, because her being alive makes no sense, so I believe her purpose is to stop everyone from remembering Stiles, though obviously we need more explanation of how she reappeared.

I think what really showed in this episode was the absence of Stiles. Despite being gone in the second episode it still felt like he had a presence because of people feeling him missing, but this episode didn't do as well to cover him being gone. And the whole 'Malia regression' thing felt off, considering despite the fact that she's missing her human anchor in Stiles, it doesn't make sense that her behavioural attitudes would have changed back as well. Stiles is not the only person that led to Malia changing, he's just the one that taught her how to stay human. The entire pack is why Malia changed. While it's great that she wants to protect the pack, she shouldn't be as violent and aggressive as she was back in season 4, and Scott and Lydia shouldn't be finding it normal.

I would really also like a little less time focused on the 2.0 generation. I get that they're taking the brunt of the Ghost Rider story, whilst the older generation are focusing on Stiles, but it leads to sequences that should be vitally important, lacking content that's actually interesting. I don't need to see Liam and Hayden making out at the party while they keep an eye on Gwen, what would be preferable is having the older members of the pack really have a discussion about the things that are off with Stiles being gone.

Here's hoping the season picks up again and gets more interesting, because I don't want many more episode like this one this season.