Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x02) 'Love Goggles' - Liveblog + Discussion

Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x02) 'Love Goggles' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Oh my god, Gen X still don't have fire.
  • Well at least David's aware of his position. I prefer self-awareness opposed to delusion.
  • Hey, look at Dave go! He got fire! Be more thankful guys.
  • Ya gotta love an underdog. Go Dave go!
  • Romance. On. Survivor. Does. Not. Get. You. The. Money.
  • A risky move? Dude, it's suicide.
  • Even Jay's calling out their crap haha!
  • Octopus prime!
  • Is Ken gonna align with David? That's great! They're the only two not awful guys on Gen X!
  • I'm worried someone's gonna chop their hand off this season.
  • Michaela is so done with this showmance hahaha.
  • Figgy honey, you don't have the numbers.
  • Paul, dude, you don't look good.
  • That's really not a good sign.
  • I mean yeah, it's good he's okay, but it's probably for the best to vote him out.
  • Haha, I did assume Hannah wouldn't be a good shot in this game. Smart girl.
  • David dude, omg.
  • Uh oh, Cece not helping your case against a vote here.
  • Yeah just make Ken do everything for you...
  • Wow, Cece's good at that!
  • Oh damn. What a comeback for Gen X.
  • Wow! Well done Gen X, despite David haha.
  • Figgy, you in danger girl.
  • Well Jay jumped ship on his group fast. Well done boy.
  • Well for you, yeah. Honey, do you get that you don't have the numbers.
  • lol, Hannah is not voting for Mari.
  • Miss Cuddleshack?
  • Hannah if you were so easily influenced, I don't support you anymore.
  • #SALTY.
  • I know I'm technically Team Millennials because of my age but can I just be Team Ken & David instead?

Ooh, I did not expect an episode to leave a bitter taste in my mouth that early in the season. Especially when there are still people's names I don't even know yet. I am so annoyed that Mari, of all people, got voted out. I assumed by her edit that she was going to make it pretty far, her and Zeke definitely had prime airtime in the first episode for the millennial tribe. And I felt a kinship with her because I recognised her from YouTube and she seems cool and smart. There was no way, this early in the game, that she could've done anything about that blindside, that's why it sucks so much. And I feel utterly betrayed by Hannah because she and Mari sought one another out to go against the 'popular clique' of Figgy, Taylor, Michelle and Jay.

I think Hannah has utterly ruined her game in that one move. Even if she would've been outnumbered anyway, because she's lost the trust of her former alliance, and there's no way her new alliance is going to keep her around for too long. It made it worse that she literally was persuaded to change her vote at tribal. It shows flakiness and that she gives into peer pressure ridiculously easy without much reason. I know I'm supposed to be all about Team Millennials, but with Mari gone, there's not that many people I want to back on that tribe anymore. Not that there's many I like on Gen X either though.

The concept of a romance (*cough* showmance) coming up this early in the show is interesting, but terribly annoying. We're 33 seasons in here, we know romances don't work on this show. Hell, even couples that arrive together are usually split up because they're two votes working together. Control your hormones and wait til you get off the island, when you've actually worked to win that prize money. Don't jeopardise this opportunity for a little kissing and alienate the tribe when you should be strategising. I totally get why Michaela was so against the couple and their antics, but her hostility is not going to win her any points with the tribe. I understand why she went with the 'popular cliques' voting though, she knows if she keeps Figgy around that more people are against her, and she's not next on the chopping block. Plus, Figgy kind of owes her for helping her stay.

I really really love David and Ken teaming up with one another. I liked Ken immediately last week, and David seems completely the opposite of him on the surface but I can't help but root for him because he's witty and weedy and struggles so much that it makes me laugh. They're the most unlikely pairing but potentially the least annoying of the Gen X bunch. I'm glad they're apparently even solid enough to be sharing the idol with one another. Teams of 2 can be so powerful in a game because the bond is stronger and less likely to be broken up and manipulated. If played well and subtly, it can take you all the way to the end like Cochran and Dawn.

I do appreciate a season that switches it up, it gets a little tiring when one team wins all the challenges but Gen X did themselves proud in that challenge and despite having setbacks (David's slowness and wobbling, Cece's lack of diving skill) they still managed to come back and win when it mattered. This is shaping up to be an interesting season so far, but I couldn't for the life of me tell you who's going to be still standing at the end.