Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x05) 'Idol Search Party' - Liveblog + Discussion

Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x05) 'Idol Search Party' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Yes Jessica, get that grovel on!
  • Holy crap, David is an idol magnet!
  • David was without an idol for about 8 hours.
  • It's switchin' time!
  • #dropyourbuffs
  • Oh wow, didn't see 3 tribes coming!
  • Wait, they seriously weren't split up? OH MY GOD.
  • LOL. You think you have Adam, that's funny. He wants to split you up.
  • Counting down the seconds til Adam joins Ken and Jess.
  • Taylor, nobody wins Survive thinking with their dick.
  • Bless this potential Adam and Ken alliance. I WANT THIS.
  • If Adam gets in with Ken and Jess now, Zeke's in too if they survive til merge. Then we have the perfect alliance with David!
  • I genuinely think Figgy might have potential if they get Taylor out fast.
  • Ew, is Zeke really gonna have to align with Chris?
  • Michaela sweetie, you've gotta make some friends.
  • Oh this new tribe is probably gonna lose immunity if this vibe keeps on going.
  • Come on Michaela, fight for that fire!
  • Michaela is a true survivor!
  • Strong throw there Zeke!
  • Sunday it's right at the top it's not that hard!
  • So...Sunday boot?
  • Poor Cece, challenges just aren't her thing.
  • Well we all knew Chris would be picking up the slack on this team.
  • Michaela yes!
  • David I almost think you're gonna need that idol again after that performance lol.
  • Michelle boot? Cece boot? David needing to use another idol? I mean this tribe man. I knew they weren't physically great but...
  • I actually think Cece might be going. I don't think David's gonna play an idol for someone else twice in a row?
  • Never. Think. You're. The. Majority. Just. Because. You. Came. From. The. Same. Tribe.
  • Knew Chris was making a run for it.
  • David just align with Chris, it's the best thing to do for now. Cece's almost a lost cause for the long term.
  • Oh christ, Michelle what are you doing?
  • Michelle is the biggest wildcard in this game.
  • Daivd playing so liberally with you idols is risky as hell!
  • Honestly I don't want Michelle to stay because I'm still pissed over the Mari boot.
  • Sorry Cece. Dave has to win Chris over and keep that idol in his pocket.
  • Sometimes you gotta cut off a limb to allow for adaptability in a hostile climate.

That was certainly not what I was expecting from that episode! I thought for sure Figgy and Taylor would've been split up in the tribe switch, the odds were against them, and I actually think it would've helped their game had they been split up. Yes, they do have some power because they have a strong alliance, but the target on their back is practically as big as an archery boss. Everybody knows they're a couple and couples are always targeted sooner or later. I genuinely think Figgy has the ability to be a good player, but she's captured in a relationship with someone with no semblance of gameplay what-so-ever.

Also, I'm gonna need some players to learn eventually that just because you were on the same tribe as someone, doesn't automatically mean they're with you after the switch. Previous gameplay is important. Adam was firmly on the bottom of his tribe with Zeke, and Figgy and Taylor know that, so why assume he's with you just because he's a millennial when he knows that when a merge comes you no longer have any use for him? It's so much better for his game to go with Ken and Jess when they have a more subtle alliance, they want to work with him and get to know him, and he'll be nowhere near the target of 'FigTayls'. Similarly, why were Cece and David so sure that they had the numbers with Chris? They were very clearly not with Chris at the Gen X tribe before the switch, so why would they think they were suddenly with him now? Anybody could see the Zeke and Chris alliance coming as soon as that tribe switch happened, and when Chris is pretty much the only one physically capable of succeeding in challenges on that tribe, he's in quite the power position because they can't risk losing him.

Ultimately David made the right choice. Even though he had to betray someone that had been loyal to him and was an alliance member for him, Cece was never going to make it far in this game. She's been visibly struggling in every single challenge, and she's not got the social skills to take on a leadership role or sway votes for her alliance. David couldn't risk using two idols on other people, two tribal councils in a row because he would've been voted out as soon as possible, and he'd no longer have anything to protect himself. At least this way, he's guaranteed his place in the game for another week. If their tribe loses again and they go back to tribal and target him, he's automatically going to take out somebody else with his idol. I think if the tribe gets down to 3 there'll be forced to either switch back to two tribes or finally merge, because a team can't have such a disadvantage like that, and he'd be reunited with his alliance. Jess was potentially worth the risk for the long term, especially now she's firmly in with Ken, Cece was not worth the risk, which is a shame for her, but I think all of us as viewers knew Cece wasn't going to make it that far in this competition.

I have to also discuss how extraordinarily bad David's performance was in the immunity challenge. So bad in fact that Zeke even questioned whether he was throwing the challenge! No Zeke, he's genuinely just that clumsy and awful at physical activity haha! It's not a week on Survivor if you don't cringe and laugh simultaneously at David, is it?