Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x04) 'Who's the Sucker at the Table?' - Liveblog + Discussion

Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x04) 'Who's the Sucker at the Table?' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Ooh, we've got another no-talking bitterness back at camp after tribal.
  • No, you didn't make a mistake?
  • Oh so now we're turning on Jessica when she was right to take out someone that would betray her eventually?
  • Lucy has said more in the first 5 minutes of this episode than the whole season so far.
  • I'm pretty certain if Gen X loses it's bye bye Lucy. Just based on the fact that this is the first time we've really seen her.
  • Wait, you're gonna kill a pig? Seriously kids? You're no John Locke!
  • Whoa Adam, you found something!
  • Ooh, prepared for this to get brutal.
  • Any way they can? Is drowning allowed?
  • Lol, sure David's gonna stop people.
  • Are they gonna make out?
  • Wow, Gen X impressed me there.
  • Michaela and Figgy as frenemies is kind of awesome haha.
  • Lol, Will is no match for Ken.
  • Michaela literally taking her top off! You go girl!
  • Haha, Zeke just splashing Chris, I love it.
  • MVP for sure was Michaela!
  • Please find it Adam!
  • Oh my god, Hannah what the hell haha!
  • Aww, I'm never big on sob stories but poor Adam.
  • 'I'm not gonna give you a name until later.' What was that about Jessica being in charge Lucy?
  • Ken kind of respects Jess though doesn't he?
  • This challenge is like a rickety fairground ride.
  • Chris really is a beast in challenges.
  • Lol, David never played high school football. Be serious Jeff.
  • This challenge is make or break when you get to the solving stage.
  • Wow this challenge is taking a longggg time.
  • Well done Millennials! Zeke with the assist!
  • So Lucy's going right?
  • Lucy, if you were gonna be in control, we would've seen it episode 1, not 4.
  • Jessica, why are you going to Lucy?!
  • Wow, if Jess goes, she deserves it now.
  • Lucy, Ken's not a snake, he's not in your alliance, he can talk to who he wants.
  • Sunday is basically fodder at this point. If she doesn't do something, she's just gonna be someone they wanna carry to the final.
  • There's blunt and there's dictating Lucy.
  • Chris voting on behalf of Paul, dude let it go, he's gone!
  • Wow, David!
  • Jess you better get on board with this alliance fast!
  • David just saved your ass girl!
  • Well played idol!

I really enjoyed this episode, despite it's extremely predictable elimination. I actually thought as soon as I saw the previous for this episode the week prior that Lucy was in trouble considering we'd barely seen her in the edit and suddenly they were mentioning her becoming a dictator. It's never good if suddenly you show up on Survivor out of nowhere, because you certainly aren't going to win, and you're probably (almost definitely) going that episode. But she totally deserved it, she didn't have any social tact to make it in this game. You have to know how to talk to people in a way that makes them trust you and makes them believe that you're equals, even if you're not. Dictatorships doesn't work. 

I did think for a couple of minutes there that Jess really was going to get the chop, and she would've deserved it too. I can't believe she was naive enough to think Ken was the one playing her and not her alliance, especially considering she knew the boys were pissed at her and that Ken didn't really have anything to gain with that lie other than helping save her and helping their alliance in the process. She owes David her life in this game now, and I swear if she goes and doesn't give him or Ken her legacy advantage I'm going to be so annoyed. I actually quite like Jessica and I applauded her for taking action against Paul straight away instead of sitting on the idea until it was too late. I hope she can come back from this mistake but I'd feel better about the choice David made to sacrifice his idol for a potential long game if there wasn't a tribe switch next episode.

Both Michaela and Adam rocketed up my list to become favourites this week. I actually liked them both but I feel Adam's really genuine and has a good grasp on this game despite technically being on the bottom, and I couldn't have been happier that he succeeded in finding an idol. Michaela having the guts to completely forgo her swimsuit for the sake of the reward challenge was badass. She was going to do anything it takes to win that and it was incredible to watch. Come merge time she'll be one to watch because if it comes to an endurance challenge I think Michaela can hold out with the best of them. 

I do love it when an idol play goes down exactly how the owner wants it to and changes up the whole game. It's also extremely interesting when an idol isn't played for themselves, but it's even rarer that it's played for someone that's not technically in your alliance yet. But I think David played smart in essentially enforcing Jessica's vote and getting out somebody as strong-minded as Lucy, as well as weakening players as physically strong as Chris and Bret once again who underestimated David in the first episode.

The preview mentioned the possibility of Taylor and Figgy being split up in the tribe swap, so I think that's probably going to happen. But I actually think that's for the best for both of their games, in particular Figgy's. She seems like she has the potential to be a good player, but she's never going to be powerful playing as a twosome with Taylor. If he were to get voted out, Figgy could have a real chance at this game.