Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x03) 'Your Job is Recon' - Liveblog + Discussion

Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X (33x03) 'Your Job is Recon' - Liveblog + Discussion
  • Yes, but it was to save you Figgy.
  • Hannah your presence right now is only going to piss them off.
  • Hannah, leave. Hang out with the popular kids! You made your choice!
  • Hannah, here's the thing. Winners aren't used, they do the using.
  • Paul, it was dehydration, you weren't dead.
  • Lol, back from the dead, but can't handle the waves.
  • Taylor dude, after her performance, Michelle should've been top in your alliance.
  • Wow, they're practically telling you to make alliances on the other team.
  • David makes me laugh more and more every week.
  • Cece practically paining he target on Paul's back with a red X.
  • Never underestimate Ken. Wonderful, wonderful Ken.
  • Letting Paul run with the whole 'leader' crap is not going to get any of you anywhere. Except annoyed.
  • Yes, you do suck at Survivor if you get in a couple in the first week.
  • Adam's good at putting his point across. I enjoy this.
  • You skipped balance beam in the first challenge, there's no shortcuts here!
  • Jeff don't put Cece off! At least she's doing it!
  • Nobody actually knows Lucy exists though.
  • Chris was a real champ with that beam!
  • I love watching Ken in challenges, I just wish his tribe appreciated him like we do.
  • Ooh, millennials take it. David was doing a good job to catch up though.
  • Yep, smart choice. They don't want the millennials to have more power with more food.
  • Yeah Paul, how did you do on the balance beam by the way?
  • It sucks if David has to use his idol on Cece but...if it got out someone like Paul?
  • Ooh, the girls are turning! THEY'RE TURNING.
  • Do you think Dave's on board with that? Honey, he's so ahead of you.
  • Never underestimate the girls on a tribe. They can change on a dime if they need to. Adaptable and all that.
  • ...Why are we talking about text speak? Dude, I say 'You' too.
  • I haven't seen a single millennial viewer tweeting in 'text speak', stop pigeon-holing us.
  • Here's a lesson for you. Don't talk down to women on a tribe. Ever.

Thank god we didn't lose another woman (and a woman of colour at that) this week! Finally the tables are starting to turn and we're getting some smart gameplay going. I hate to say that at this point, there are so few people on either tribe that I'm rooting for. But at the same time, there's nobody I really hate yet so I feel like a lot of them have an opportunity to win me over. I'm still very much Team Ken & David right now, but I did like the strategy that Adam displayed over on the other tribe.

It's always an interesting start to the season when one tribe doesn't keep winning every immunity. You start to feel like a losing tribe never has time to regroup and establish what their strengths are when they lose all the time, but when it flips back and forth it keeps it even and allows for the audience to get to know both tribes because we inevitably see more of the tribe that ends up going to tribal council. While in my heart, I'm Team Millennials, as long as the Gen X-ers don't slag off the millennial generation like they did in the first episode again, I have nothing against them. And I applaud the women for not waiting until it was too late on the Paul issue. Countless times I've seen players under threat but too scared to go against their alliance and make a move early and then never get the chance to again. The second the girls realised Paul would dump them in the 6 in order to join a boys alliance, they needed to get him out, and they put together a cohesive plan that worked perfectly with the plan of those outside the alliance. Will it come back to bite them on the ass eventually? Maybe. But if it stops Paul from continuing to think he's top dog in this game and actually doing nothing the whole time, I'm all for it.

I did get a little annoyed when Taylor credited Figgy, Jay and Will as the most important players in his alliance, while saying nothing about Michelle. It was Michelle who really ran tribal and worked Hannah over into their alliance. She was a real go-getter in saving Figgy from the vote, and she did a lot more work than either Figgy or Taylor did. I know a lot of people on the show and in the audience don't like Figgy, but I do think she a more strategic mind than Taylor does. He's the dead weight in that alliance, not her, she could actually be quite the asset to people if Taylor was sent home.

Hannah has annoyed me and I don't think she's going to be able to make it back into my good graces. Sure, even without her vote Mari would've gone home, but whilst Michaela knew she was joining that alliance to save herself from the next vote, Hannah did it with no reason given to her other than 'I'll tell you later'. Then she immediately gets back to camp and tries to come grovelling and explaining away what happened to Zeke and Adam, when after they've been blindsides they clearly don't want to hear it. What stuck out to me was her saying she wanted to be used for votes by either team. Not only is being a floater in the middle a sure-fire way to get voted out, because you have loyalty to no one, but you aren't in control there. If you are being used, you're not doing the using, and if you're not doing the using, you aren't going to win Survivor. Bye Hannah, I can already tell you're not winning this million.

I'd give a mention to Lucy, but I have nothing to discuss about her. I haven't seen a single confessional, I've heard her say a total of two words in a challenge. Now next week's preview says she's become a dictator? I can already smell her name being written down. If she's almost entirely edited out of this show, she clearly isn't going to be a key role in this season.